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INTERNATIONAL SANITARY CONVENTION. Jt7NE 21,1926. POUR LE V:tN:tZU:tLA.: ad referendum: Jos:IJ IG. CARDENAS. POUR CAPlE CERTIFI:tE CONFORME: Le Ministre Plhtipotentiaire 2547 Blcnattnl- Coutin- ued. Ohef du Service du Protooou, P. DE FOUQUIERE. . Reservations by the AND WHEREAS the said Convention was duly ratified by the Senate. Government of the United States of America, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate thereof, subject to the following understandings and conditions: . "1. Theratification of this International SanitaryConvention is not to be construed to mean that the United States of America recognizes a regime or equity acting as government of a signa- tory or adhering power when that regime or entity is not recog- nized bJ the Umted States as the government of that power. (/2. The participation of the United States of America in this International Sanitary Convention does not involve any contractual obligation on the part of the United States to a signat.ory or adhering power represented by a regime or entity which the United States does not recognize as representing the government of that power until it is represented by a government recognized by the United States. Ante, p. 2M!. "3. The Government of the United States reserves to itself the right to decide whether from the standpoint of the measures to be applied a foreign district is to be considered as infected and to decide what measures shall be applied to arrival in its own ports under special circumstances.", dbthG ts fF G tB't' Belgi co· Ratl1lcatlons depos an y e overnmen 0 rance, rea n 1IJIl, um, i:iPIlJIl, ltedbydeslgnatedOov: Czechoslovakia, Monaco, Sudan, Tunis and Morocco, and their ernmenta. ratifications were, in accordance with Article 170 of the said Con- vention, _deposited with the Government of the French Republic; AND WHEREAS the ratification of the United States of America Ratification depos· d·ted.hhG . fhFrhRbli Ited by United States. was epoSl WIt t e overnment 0 t e enc epu0on M!loY 22, 1928; NOW, THEREFORE, be it known that I, Calvin Coolidge, Presi- Proclamation. dent of the United States of America, have caused the said Conven- tion to be made public to the end that the same and every article and clause thereof may be observed and fulfilled with good faith by the United. States and the citizens thereof, subject to the aforesaid understandings and conditions. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. DONE at the city of Washington this twenty-first day of June in the year of our Lora one thousand nine hundred and [SEAL] twenty-eight, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and fifty-second. By the President: FRANK B KELLOGG Secretary of State. CALVIN COOLIDGE PROCES-VERBAL DE DEPOT DES RATIFICATIONS de S. M. Ie Roi des Belges 8. M. Ie Roi d'Espagne M. Ie President de 180 R~publique franQaise S. M. Ie Roi de Grande Bretagne, d'IrIande et des Territoires Britanniques audelA. des Mers, Empereur des Indes S. A . 8. Ie Prince de Monaco du Gouverneur Gen~ral rep~sentant l'autorite souveraine du Soudar.. sur 180 Convention Sanitaire Internationale sign~ A Paris Ie 21 Juin 1926 Minute of deposit of ratltloations.