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INTERNATIONAL SANITARY CONVENTION. Jum:21,1926. The Swiss Federal Council: M. AI~honse Dunant, Ministre de Suisse ~ Paris. M. Ie Dr. Carri6re, Directeur du Service f6daral de 1'Hygi~ne pUblique. The President of the Czechoslovak Republic: M. Ie Dr. Ladislav Prochazka, Chef des Services sanitaires de 180 Ville de Prague. His Highness the Bey of Tunis: M. de N avilles, Sous-Directeur au Minis~re des Affaires 1!;trang~res. The President of the Turkish Republic: His Excellency AIy F6thy Bey, Ambassador of Turkey to Paris. The Central Executive Conunittee of the Union of S'lviet Socialist Republics: M. Ie Professeur Nicolas Semachko, Membre du ComiM Cen- tral Ex6c!ltif d~ 1'U. R . S. S .I. -.,Commissaire du Peuple pour 180SanMIb;oqlede;aR.S.~'.S.R. M. Jacques Davtian, Conseiller de l'Ambassade de 1'Union des R~p'ubliques Sovi6tistes Socia.listes a. Paris. M. Vladimir Egoriew, Sous-Directeur au Commissariat du Peuple pour les Affaires 1!;trangtSres. M. Ie Dr. Ilia Mammoulia, Membre du ComiM Central Ex6cutif de 1& R6publique Socialiste Sovi6tiste de G60rgie. M. Ie Dr. Leon Bronstein, du Commissariat du Peuple pour 1& SanM Publique do 1& R6publique Sovi6tiste Socialiste de 1'Ukraine. . M.le Dr. Oganes Mebournoutoff, Membra du Coll~e du Com- missariat du Peuple pour 180 SanM Publique de 1& R. S. S. de 1'Uzb6kistan. . M. Ie Dr. Nicolas Freyberg, Conseiller au Commissariat du Peuple pour 1& SanM Publique de 1& R. S. F. S. R . M. Ie Dr. Al6xis Syssine, Chef du D6partement sanitaire 'et 6pid6miologique du Commiss8oriat du Peuple pour 1& S&nM Publique de 180 R. S. F. S. R ., Professeur ~ I 'UniversiM. The President of the Republic of Uruguay: M. A . Herosa, ancien Ch8.rgt3 d'Affaires de 1'Uruguay a. Paris. The President of the Republic of Venezuela: M. Jos6 Ignacio Cardenas, Ministre du C6n6qu61& ~ Madrid et la Haye. . Who, after depositing their full powers, found to be in good and due form, h&ve agreed to the following provisions: 2555 PJempoteaUarle_ Continued. PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS l-reIlmInary provl· sloDS. Fer the purposes of this Convention, the high contracting parties Definltlon or terms. adopt the following definitions: 1. The word circonscription designates & fully defined part of "Cfreonscriptlon. " territory, for example: a province, a government, a district, a de- partment, a canton, an island, & commune, & city, a city district, &village, a port, a community, et cetra, regardless of the area and population of those parts of territor:y. 2. The word observation· means Isolation of the persons either "Observation." on board a ship or in a sanitary station before they are given free pratique. The word 8'u:rve1Ilance means that the persons are not isolated, are "Surveillance." immediately given free pratique, but are reported to the health authorities in the several places they are to visit and subjected to a medical examination by which their heaIth condition is ascertained.