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INTERNATIONAL SANITARY CONVENTION. JUNE 21, 1926. 2559 ARTICLE 12. The Government of a country in which an infected area is situated Notice when danger will :-~ thG dth I . al Offi f P bli from infectIOn bu llllOrm 0 er overnments an. e nternation ce0 u cceased. ~ygiene in the manner specified in Article 3, when the danger of infection from that area has ceased, and when all the preventive measures have been taken. From the time of this information the measures prescribed in Chapter II will no longer be applicable to arrivals from the area in question, except in exception8.l circum- stances, which must be established. SECTION III. MeaB'Urea at the ports and on the departure o.f f)e8Se~ Departure ot vessels


(rom jlOrts. ARTICLE 13. The competent authority shall be obliged to take effectual meas- Preventing 81'let;ted persons Irom departlll&. ures- etc. (1) To prevent the embarkation of persons showing symptoms of plague, cliolera, yellow fever, exanthematous typhus or smallpox, and of persons in such relations with the sick as to render them liable to t ..·an s mit the infection of these diseases; (2) In the case of plague, to prevent rats gaining a.ccess to ships; (3) In the case of cholera, to see that the drinking water and food- stuffs taken on board is wholesome, and that water taken in as bal- last is disinfected if necessary; (4) In the case of yellow fever, to prevent mosquitoes gaining access to ships; . (5) In the case of exanthematous typhus, to secure the delousing of all suspects before their embarkation; (6) In the case of smallpox, to subject to disinfection worn gar- ments and rags before they are compressed. ARTICLE 14. Governments undertake to maintain in and around their large ;'~~tary aervlce at ports and, as far as possible, in and around their other ports a sanitary service· possessing an organization and equipment capable of carrying out the application of the prophylactic measures in the case of the diseases coming under this Convention and especially the measures laid down in Articles 6, 8 and 13. The said Governments will supply at least once a year to the Inter- Annu"1 statemenUi • 01, to office 01 Pubhc national Office of Public Hygiene a sta.tement showmg in the ease Hygiene. of of their ports the condition of its sanitary organization com- mensurate with the provisions of the preceding paragraph. The Office will forward such information through the proper channels to the principal health authorities of the participating countries either directly or through some other internatIOnal sanitary o~anization in accordance with the arrangements concluded under ArtlCle 7. CHAPTER II. MEASURES OJ' DEFENCE AGAINST THE DISEASES MENTIONED IN CHAPTER I . e.!~lense against dis- ARTICLE 15. Any ship, whatever port it comes from, may be subjected by the ot~~n:)~a~ .JrTarmstroBot (talk)IOD sanitary authority to a medical inspection, and if circumstances' . req!lire it, to a thorough eXl}mination. The sanitary measures and actions to which a ship may be sub- jected on arnval shall be determined by the actual condition found to exist on board and the sanitary particulars of the voyage.