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2568 INTERNATIONAL SANITARY CONVENTION. JUNE 21,1006. Ofllblp. (5) The parts of the ship which have been occupied by persons ill with typhus, and that the .~ta.ry authority regard as infected, shall be disinfected. The ship shall immediately be given free pratique. .;:;:=~r=..,~ It rests wi~ ~h ~vernment to .take after disembarkati(;)O the from t)'llhua Infected measures which It consIders appropnate to secure the surveillance area. of persons who arrive on a ship which had no case of exanthematous typhus on board, but who left an area where typhus is epidemic less than 12 days before. BmaJlpoz. E. SMALLPOX. ARTICLE 42. m::.u euuretJ ,:{,I case of Ships which have had a case of smallpox on board either during po:ron p. the voyage, or at the time of arrival, may be subjected to the fol- lowing measures: (1) Medical inspection; (2) The patients shall immediately be landed and isolated; PKlIOnaJ. (3) Other persons reasonably suspected to have been exposed to infection on board, and who, in the opinion of the sanitary authority, are not sufficiently protected by recent vaccination, or by a previous attack of smallpox, may be su~i~ted to vaccination followed by surveillance, the peri('d of surve· ce being specified in each case according to the Circumstances, but never to exceed 14 days, reckoned from the date of arrival; Dlslnrect10n or bed- (4) Bedif'nlY which has been used soiled linen wearing apparel dIni.etc. ~. , , , and other articles which the sanitary authority of the port considers or ship. to be infected, shall be disinfected; (5) Onl1.those}larts of the ship which have been occupied by per- sons ill WIth smallpox and which the sanitary authority regards as infected shall be disinfected. - The ship shall immediately be given free pratique. B::;:~ce~dis- It rests with each Government to take after disembarkation the ~~m ar'!a °gros.n: measures which it considers appropriate to secure the surveillance epidemic. of persons who are not protected by vaccination and arrive on a ship that had no smallpox on board, but left an area where smallpox is epidemic less than 14 days before. Vaccination mendatlons. recom- Common provision.. ARTICLE 43. It is recommended that ships calling in countries where smallpox is epidemic, shall take all precautions possible to secure the vaccina.- tion or revaccination of the crew. It is also recommended that governments should make vaccination and revaccination as general as possible, especially in ports and border regions. F. COMMON PROVISIONS. ARTICLE 44. ca::::h a':~h7g~ The captain and the ship's physician must answer all questions phYliclan. that are put to them by the sanitary authority with regard to the health of the ship during the voyage. When the captain and the physician declare that there has not been any case of plague, cholera, yellow fever, exanthematous typhuB or smallpoxl and no unusual mortality among rats on the ship since the time of Its departure, the sanitary authority may require them to make a solemn or sworn declaration.