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INTERNA.TIONAL SANITARY CONVENTION. JUNE 21,1926. If, however, one of the carriages is infected or has been occupied by anY'])erson suffering from plague, c.holera, e-xanthematous typhus, or smallpox, it shall be detained all the time required to undergo the prophylactic measures indicated for each Ca'8e. ARTICLE 64. 2573 The melaJureS' concerning the croSSfug of frontiers by railroad and R~IlrOlld and postal postal employees are within the province of the administrations emp oyeea. concerned. They shall be combined 80 as not to hinder the service. ARTICLE 65. The re~a.tion of frontier-traffic and questions pertaining thereto, t Arran~!?ta he- II be . 1 be th' ween con_wous coun- sha eft to spoola arrangements tween e contiguous coun- tries. tries in accordance with the provisions of this Convention. ARTICLE 66. It shall be the province of the Government of the riparian N ations L~ea and river to regulate the sanitary regime of lakes and river" routes by means ron • of special arrangements. TITLE II. SPECIAL PROVISIONS FOR THE SUEZ CANAL SnesCanal,etc. AND NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES. SECTION I." 'lbiJl ruput to ordinary fJU8el8 hailing jrom Gfv&lsn:';h:n~~ comaminatw. northern ;ports and appMring at tM tntranu oj 1M taIDlnated ports. 81.UZ Oanal or in Egy:Jlw/fI, ports. ARTICLE 67. O.l!__ •~to:J I hailing' f In_. hI PII!Iodge throoch of rWJ.HI.ry 'Un~n ec flu. vesse s rom a pAClofS\.le or C 0 era unlntected ordiz{ary infected port of urope or the basin of the Mediterranean and_-'pre- vessels, In quarantine. senting themselves for 'passage through the Suez Canal shall be allowed to pass through m quarantine. ARTICLE 68. Ordinary 'Uninjdctw. vessels wishing to make a landing in Egypt Landing restrlctloll!. may stop at Alexandria or Port Said. If the port of departure is contaminated by plague, Article 37 Antt, p . 26e7. will be applicable. If the port of departure is contaminated by cholera, Article 33 Ante. p. 2500 . will be applicable. The sanitary authority of the port may substitute for surveillance observation either on board or in a quarantine station. ARTICLE 69. The measures to which injectw. or suspected vessels shall be sub- Infected or suspected jected which hail from a plague or cholera infected port of Europe vessels. or the shores of tho Mediterranean or the Black Sea, and which desire to effect a la.nding in one of the Egyptian ports or to pass through the Suez Canal, shall be determined by the Sanitary, Mari- time and Quarantine Board of Egypt in conformity with the stipu- lations of the present Convention. M8S6°-29-PT 2 -67