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2574 INTERNA.TIONAL SA.NITARY CONVENTION. JUNE 21,1926. AR'I:lOLE 70. of Sanitary, Maritime "~\LL ..' • Revl~ regulations The -~.lations of the Sanitary Maritime and <fearantine Board ~d Quarantine Jroard of Egypt shall be reVISed WIth the least posSIble elay to conform of Em>t. with the stipul'ations of this Convention. In order to become effec- tive, they must be accepted by the several Powers represented on the Board. They shall establish the r6gime to which, pas- sengers and merchandise are to be subjected. They shall decide the minimum number of medical officers· to be attached to each stationt tm method of recruitment, the salaries, and duties of such meiliCai officers and all officials appointed to C'fl.l ·ry' out under the orders of the Sanitary, Maritime and Quarantine Board of Egypt the supervision and the execution of preventive measures. Red Baa. The names of the physicians and officials shall be proposed to the Egyptian Government by the Sanitary, Maritime and Quar- antine Board of Egypt, through its President. SECTION II.-Mea8'Ures in the Red Sea. Measures for ordl· A MEASURES WITH RESPECT TO ORDINARY VESSELS H"u'IN~ FROM nary v_Is In, balling • - from the south. THE SOUTH - '- . ND APPEARING IN PORTS OF THE REID SEA OR BOUND TOWARD THE MEDITEl'tRANEAN. ARTICLE 71. pJl:::l~~lprovlslonsap. Independently of the general provisions in Title I, concerning the classificatioll of and the r6gime of infected, suspected, or unin- fected vessels the special provisions contained in the ensuing ar- ticles are ap~licable to ordinary vessels coming from the south and entering the Red Sea. ARTICLE 72. Uninfected shipe. UninJected 8kips.-Uninfected ships may pass through the Suez Canal m quarantine. When the ship is to touch at an Egyptian port: po~~mplaguelnfected (a) If the port of departure is infected by plague, the ship must have been six full days on the way else the passengers who land and the crews shall be kept under surveillance until the six days are completed. Loading and unloading of cargo will be allowed with due observ- ance of the necessary measures to prevent the landing of rats; f:~~r:'olera In- (b) If the port of departure is mfected by cholera, the ship may receive free pratique, but every passenger or member of the crew who disembarks when five days have not elapsed since the date of departure from the infected port, will be subjected to surveillance until the completion of that time. Suspected ships. The sanitary authority of the port may in all cases where that authority considers it necessary, substitute observation on board or in a quarantine station for surveillance. In all cases the sanitary authority may make the bacteriological examinations which it con- siders necessary. ARTICLE 73. Supra. Stopping at tlan ports. SU8f.ected 8kips. -- Suspected ships having a physician on board may, If regarded by the sanitary authority as presentin~ sufficient guarantees, be allowed to pass through the Suez Canal m quaran- tine under the regulations provided for in Article 70. Egyp- When the ship is to stop at an Egyptian port: (a) In the case of plague, the provisions of Article 6 are appli- cable, but surveillance may be replaced by observation; AnU, p. 2557 .