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SEVENTY-FIRST CONGRESS . SESs. III. Cu. 282 . 1931 . Horses, vehicles, etc • SEC. 3 . That all horses, harness, horse-drawn vehicles necessary for use in connection with construction and supervision of sewer, street, street lighting, road work, and street-cleaning work, includ- ing maintenance of said horses and harness, and maintenance and repair of said vehicles, and purchase of all necessary articles and supplies in connection therewith, or on construction and repair of buildings and bridges, or any general or special engineering or construction work authorized by appropriations, may be purchased, q Special authority re hired, and maintained and motor trucks may be hired exclusively to carry into effect said appropriations, when specifically and in writing ordered by the commissioners ; and all such expenditures necessary for the proper execution of said work, exclusive of personal services, shall be paid from and equitably charged against the sums appropriated for said work ; and the commissioners in the Budget estimates shall report the number of horses, vehicles, and harness purchased, and horses and vehicles hired, and the sums paid for same, and out of what appropriation ; and all horses owned or main- tained by the District shall, so far as may be practicable, be provided Proviso .

for in stables owned or operated by said District : Provided, That Temporary work for excavations, etc k such horses, horse-drawn vehicles, and carts as may be temporarily needed for hauling and excavating material in connection with works authorized by appropriations may be temporarily employed for such purposes under the conditions named in section 2 of this Act i n re latio n to the emplo yment of labor ers, skil led l abore rs, and mechan ics . Mis cell aneo us trust SEC . 4. That the commissioners are authorized to employ in the Ex pens es p ayab le execution of work, the cost of which is payable from the appropria- vol.33, p. 383. tion account created in the District of Columbia Appropriation Act, approved April 27, 1904, and known as the Miscellaneous trust-fund de posits, District of Colum bia, all necessa ry inspe ctors, ov erseers, foremen, sewer tappers, skilled laborers, mechanics, laborers, special policemen stationed at street-railway crossings, one inspector of gas fittings, two janitors for laboratories of the Washington and George- town Gas Light Companies, market master, assistant market master, watchman, two bookkeepers in the auditor's office, clerk in the office of the collector of taxes, horses, carts, and wagons, and to hire there- for motor trucks when specifically and in writing authorized by the commissioners, and to incur all necessary expenses incidental to carrying on such work and necessary for the proper execution thereof, including the purchase, exchange, maintenance, and operation of motor vehicles for inspection and transportation purposes, such serv- ices and expenses to be paid from said appropriation account . emp Leaves b ssee nce, if Any person employed under any of the provisions of this Act who till . months •

has been employed for ten consecutive months or more shall not be denied the leave of absence with pay for which the law provides . vehicles, Mee et c. c supplies, SEC. 5 . That the commissioners and other responsible officials, in expending appropriations contained in this Act, so far as possible, fr om Purchase o ao ern: shall purchase material, supplies, including food supplies and equip- me nt activities no ment, when needed and funds are available, in accordance with the longer needed, regulations and schedules of the General Supply Committee or from the various services of the Governme nt of th e United States p ossess- ing materia l, suppli es, pass enger-ca rrying a nd other motor ve hicles, Price stipulation. and -equipment no longer required because of the cessation of war activities. Surplus articles purchased from the Government, if the same have not been used, shall be paid for at a reasonable price, not to exceed actual cost, and if the same have been used, at a reasonable price based upon length of usage . The various services of the Gov- Sales authorized.

ernment of the United States are authorized to sell such surplus art icles to the muni cipal go vernment under t he condit ions spe cified,