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231 o ther technical a nd professional personnel

Provided further,

That the commission may purchase materials and supplies without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (U . S . C ., title 41, sec . 5) when the aggregate amount involved does not exceed $500

Provided fur- ther, That when traveling on business of the commission officers of the Army serving as members or as secretary of the commission may be reimbursed for expenses as provided for other members of the c ommission . ARLINGTON MEMORIAL BRIDGE COMMISSION Minor purchases, etc ., without advertis- ing . R.S.,sec.3709,p . 733 . U.S.C.,p.1309. Traveling expenses, etc ., of Army officers . Arl ington Memo rial Bridge Commission . Continuing construe- ti on of Memorial Bridge . Vol .45,p.721. Vol.43,p . 974 . For continuing the construction of the Arlington Memorial Bridge across the Pot oma c R iver at Wa shi ngto n, aut hori zed in an Act entitled "An Act to provide for the construction of a memorial bridge across the Potomac River from a point near the Lincoln Memorial in the city of Washington to an appropriate point in the State of Virginia, and for other purposes," approved February 24, 1925 (43 Stat ., p . 974), to be expended in accordance with the provisions and conditions of the said Act, $1,000,000, including all necessary inci- dental and contingent expenses, the maintenance and repair of one motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicle, printing and binding, Minor p urcha ses a nd tra velin g expe nses, to re main availa ble u ntil e xpend ed

P ro - without advertis in g. vided, That the commission may procure supplies and services with- U. S. see . p:°309. 733 . out regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (U . S . C ., title 41, sec . 5) when the aggregate amount involved does not exceed $50 . BOARD OF MEDIATION Board of Mediation . For five members of the board, at $12,000 each, $60,000 . For ot her au thor ize d expenditures of the Board of Me dia tion in performing the dutie s impo sed b y law, incl uding not to exceed $92,840 for personal services in the District of Columbia ; personal services in the field ; contract stenographic reporting services without reference to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (U . S . C., title 41, sec. 5) ; su pplies and equipment ; law books and books of reference ; not to exceed $200 for newspapers, for which payment may be mad, ,- in advance ; periodicals ; traveling expenses ; re nt of quarters in t he Dis trict of Co lumbi a, if space is no t pro vided by the Public Buildings Commission, and rent of quarters outside the District of Columbia, $136,680 . Arbi trati on boa rds : To enable the Board of Mediation to pay ti on bones of ar bitra . necessary expenses of arbitration boards, including compensation of Vol. 44, p. 582. members and employees of such boards, together with their necessary traveling expenses and expenses actually incurred for subsistence while so employed, and printing of awards, together with proceed- ings and testimony relating thereto, as authorized by the Railway Labor Act, including also contract steno graph ic rep ortin g service without reference to section 3709, Revised Statutes (U. S. C., title 41, sec . 5), and rent of quarters when suitable quarters can not be supplied in any Federal building . $80,000 . Emergency boards : For expenses of emergency boards appointed Emer gency bo ard s, ,



expenses . by the President to i nves tig ate and report respecting disputes Vol.44, p.588. between carriers and their employees, as authorized by section 10, u.s. C., p. zuo. R ail way Lab or Act, ap pro ved May 20, 1 926 (U. S. C., title 45, sec. 160), $50,000 .

Printing and bind. For all printing and binding for the Board of Mediation, $1,700 . in g. Total, Board of Mediation, $328,380 . Members of board . All other expenses . Reporting. R.S.,sec.3709,p .733. U.S.C.,p.1309. Rent. Reporting. R.S.,sec.3709,p.733. U.S. C.,p. 1309.