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Purposes declared. The High Contracting Parties, desirous of encouraging the development of economic relations among the peoples of the world by means of multilateral conventions, the benefits of which ought not to inure to countries which refuse to assume the obligations thereof; and desirous also, while reaffirming as a fundamental doctrine the policy of equality of treatment, to develop such policy in a manner harmonious with the development of general economic rapprochement in which every country shall do its part; have decided to enter into an agreement for these purposes, as set forth in the following articles:

Article I.

Non-application in respect of certain multilateral economic conventions. The High Contracting Parties, with respect to their relations with one another will not, except as provided in Article II hereof, invoke the obligations of the most-favored-nation clause for the purpose of obtaining from Parties to multilateral conventions of the type hereinafter stated, the advantages or benefits enjoyed by the Parties thereto.

The multilateral economic conventions contemplated in this article are those which are of general applicability, which include a trade area of substantial size, which have as their objective the liberalization and promotion of international trade or other international economic intercourse, and which are open to adoption by all countries.

Article II.

Treaty provisions between signatories.

Notwithstanding the stipulation of Article I, and High Contracting Party may demand, from a State with which it maintains a treaty containing the most-favored-nation clause, the fulfillment of that clause insofar as such High Contracting Party accords in fact to such State the benefits which it claims.