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article 39

Suspension of navigation until aerodrome fulfilling conditions is established. If, in the region where yellow fever has occurred or exists in an endemic form, there is not already an aerodrome fulfilling the conditions specified in the preceding article, all aerial navigation from this region to any other territory shall be suspended until such an aerodrome has been established.

article 40

“Anti-amaril” aerodrome, establishment, etc. Every aerodrome established and equipped in accordance with the provisions of article 38 above shall be called an “anti-amaril” aerodrome and shall be deemed to be a separate local area. The Notice of, to other Powers, etc.creation of such an aerodrome shall be notified, by the High Contracting Party in whose territory it is situated, to the other High Contracting Parties and either to the Office International d’Hygiène Publique or to the International Commission for Air Navigation, under the conditions laid down in article 7. Ante, p. 3282.Consequent on this notification, the declaration of the presence of yellow fever in an adjacent town or village or in another local area shall not apply to the aerodrome, and the aerodrome shall not be declared infected unless yellow fever occurs among the persons residing therein.

article 41

When local area infected. If an anti-amaril aerodrome becomes an infected local area, aerial navigation from that aerodrome to any other territory shall be discontinued until all measures have been taken to free it from infection and all risk of the spread of the yellow fever has ceased.

article 42

Uninfected but existing in region.

Where the anti-amaril aerodrome is not infected, but yellow fever exists in the region, the following measures shall be taken