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3896 Schedule I-Ooa. Colombian Tariff Numeral 324 326 326--A 326--13 326--C 360 360-B 361 362 RECIPROCAl. TRADE-COLOMBIA. SCHEDULE I-Continued Product Import Duty In Colom- bian Pesos per Gross Kilo Articles of knit fabrics, even in design or cut, with or without needlework, as caps, hosiery, gloves, and underwear and outer clothing, etc., of cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, and similar materials. The same, of animal silk, excluding hosiery; The same, of artificial silk, excluding hosiery. Under Numerals 324 to 326--A: Trousers and draw- ers, shirts and knit undershirts, gloves, knit under- clothing. Hosiery of animal silk. Hosiery of artificial silk. Sheets of iron or steel. Under Numeral 360: Galvanized or varnished "heets, perforated or not, plain or cOlTugated for roofing, ordinary tinplate in sheets.. Ordinary tinplate in sheets for the manufacture of containers. (Replacing the respective numeral of decree 2194 of 1931). Tinplate in sheets, stamped, lacquered, painted, etc. Wire of iron or steel, bare llr covered (insulated). Under Numeral 362: Iron wire impregnated with steel, ungalvanized, appropriate fo!" the manufac- ture of brads or nails; wire cables, of iron or steel. (For wire of pla~ed steel for the manufacture of strings for musical instruments, see Numeral 551). 2.00 10.00 8. 00 9. 00 7. 00 O. 02 0.02 0.04 0.012 362 bis Barbed wire for fencing and staples. O. 01 364 Tubes or elbows of iron or steel with a diameter of 368 ~68-A 369 370 372 373 371 less than 5 centimeters (others, ste Numeral 497). 0.03 Buildingl3 of any kind, of iron or sted. Under Numeral 368: Columns 01' posts for fences; bridges and gratings for private uses (for public uses, see Numeral 395), columns and beams of iron or steel for bUildings. Columns for telephones, telegraphs and electric in- stallations and corrugated roofing lined with asbestos. Tools of iron or steel: for agriculture, mining, and the other large industries, such as hoes, mattocks, bars, levers, (barretones), axes, hatchets, adzes, "aguin· ches", pruning hooks, shovels, spades, picks, hand hammers for road men, flat picks, "pacoras", bor- ing tools, drills, machetes, and pruning shears. Tools of iron or steel for other uses. Under Numeral 370: Instruments for cutting glass with diamond or with steel, awls, hammers, tools for crafts or professions. Cloth or mesh of iron or steel wire of 3 or more milii- meters. Chains of iron or steel, eaeh link of which has an open- ing of more than 1 centimeter. Chains of iron or steel, eaeh link of which Ilali all opening of 1 centimeter or less. Note-For watch chains, see Numerals 477, 772, and 773. O. 05 0.025 0.01 0.05 o. on O. 03 0.05