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3902 8cbeduJe l-Oon. Colombian Taritf Numeral 516 517 518-A 518-B 524 536 538 538-A 544 544-A 545 RECIPROCAL TRADE-COLOMBIA. SCHEDULE I-Continued Product Import Duty in Colom- bian Pesos per Gross Kilo Under Numeral 504: Machines for the transmissioll of movement and their parts, as axles, bearings, cushions, supports for axles, gearings for axles, etc.; forges and anvils, hoists, machines for destro:, ing ants, machines and drills for boring artesian wells, rammers for mines and other uses, diving equip- ment, bellows, ventilators, dredges, grinders of iron or steel for sugar mills, capstans, jacks, pul- leys, sheaves, "pescantes". Velocipedes, bicycles and tricycles, with or without motors. Automobiles for freight (motor trucks), with pneu- matic rubber tires. Auto busses with pneumatic tires. Note-By auto busses are understood those auto- mobiles conditioned for the transport of more than eight persons. Automobiles, coaches, and cars for passengers: Whose factory price does not exceed $1000, The same, whose factory price is from $1001 to $2000. The same, whose factory IJrice is more than $2000. Note-Automobiles imported without bodies are classified under this Numeral. Finished parts for vehicles. Under Numeral 524: Springs for coaches and cars, wheels for automobiles, coaches, cars, etc., with or without rubber tires. Cells, batteries and storage batteries, and plates for storage batteries: each with a net weight less than 2 kilograms. Note for Numeral 535: For pocket flashlight cells, see Numeral 776. The same with B. net weight of 2 kilograms or morc. Telephone and telegraph apparatus. Under Numeral 538: Apparatus and magnetvs for telephone centrals. Radio-electric apparatus, of simple reception of electric magnetic waves. Insulators of porcelain, earthenware, glass, un- mounted, without parts of metal. Under Numeral 544: Hooks of iron for fastening insulators, imported at the same time and in equai number. Insulators of porcelain, earthenware, glass, mounted, with parts of metal; insulators of paste, slate, wood, rubber, gutta percha, etc., and all accessories not specified in another part of the tariff, for electrical apparatus and installations, mounted or not, with or without parts of metal. Under Numeral 544-A: Cylinders or bars of carbon 0:" zinc, zinc in small bars, receptacles of gla..<;s or earthel~­ ware, wood, lead, for batteries; insulating disks or tablets of paste or wood, impregnated or not. Instruments and apparatus of ordinary metal: for medicine, surgery, chemistry, physics, bacteriology, pharmacy. 15% ad valorem 3~o ad valorem 3% ad valorem 6% ad valorem 8% ad valorem 16% ad valorem 6% ad valorem o. 03 o. 02 O. 03 0.10 O. 01 O. 03 O. 12