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3986 RECIPROCAL TRADE-CA.~~\'})A. In revising the methods of determining the vulue of merchandise for duty purposes the following principles: among others, will be incorporated in the contemplated amendments to the Customs Act of Canada: (a) The value for duty established under authority of Section 36(2) will not include an advance for selling cost or profit greater than thet which in the ordinary course of business under normal conditions (J trade, is added, in the cuse of goods similar to the particular goods under consideration, by manufacturers or producers of goods of the same class or kind in the country of export. (b) No rate of discount established under Section 37 will operate to incref1se the value for duty of any goods beyond the price at which such or similar goods are freely ofl'ered for sule to purchasers at the time and place of shipment in the country of eAllort, in the usual quantities and in the ordinary course of trade. (c) In the case of any value for duty which may be established under authority of Section 43, other than those provided for in Schedule I of the Trade Agreement signed today, opportunity will be afforded for appeal to the Tariff Board respecting any such value in order to ascertain and make public the finding whether, to whut extent, and for what period, such value may be required to prevent the importa- tion of the goods into Canada from prejudicially or injuriously affect- ing the interests of Canadian manufacturers and producers. (d) In interpreting the words "of a class or kind made or produced in Canada", provision will be made to make it clear that the phrase "made or produced in Cunadu" in this context meaus "mude or pro- duced in Canada in commercial quantities" and alTangements will bE: made for giving adequate notice of the transfer, for customs pur- poses, of a product from the category "not of fI, dass or kind made or produced in Canada" to the category "of a class or kind n. ade or produced in Canada." Pending the entry into force of amendments tl) the Customs Act incorporating the substance of the foregoing principbs, the competent Departments of the Canadian Government will, to the extent of their administrative discretion, give the fullest possible effect to these general principles in the administration of the Act. In the meantime, and pending the entry into force of the legislative changes foreshadowed in this Note, the Cnnadian Government are prepared as from the 1st January 1936, to cancel the values for uuty purposes, established under authority of Section 43 of the Customs Act of Canada and now applicable to the undermentioned goods, the pIOduce or manufacture of the United States, on importation into Canada:

Meats, fresh, prepared or pr~s('rved

Eggs, frozen, desiccated, powderrd, etc. Loganberries l dried Slack cooperage stock •