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RECIPROCAL THADE-GUATE~IALA. A no ser que el Gobierno de uno de los paises, por 10 menos seis meses antes de 10. expiraci6n d€ 1 indicado plazo de tres anos, nc-tifique 81 otro su intenci6n de terminar este Convenio 0.1 cum- plirse dicho lapso, el Convenio continuara en vigencia, sujeto a 4001 Termination. Unless at least six months before the expiration of the afore- said term of three years the Gov- ernment of either country shall have given to the other Govern- ment notice of intention to ter- minate this Agreement upon the expiration of the aforesaid term, the Agreement shall remain in force thereafter, subject to termi- nation under the provisions of Article VI, Article IX or Article XII, until six months from such time as the Government of either cbuntry shall have given notice to the other Government.. terminaci6n, conforme las clausu- las de los Articulos VI, IX 0 XII, a los seis meses de 10. fecha en que uno de los Gobiernos haga 10. ::.t:,:,e. Pl'. 3 W2. 39\15, notificaci6n 0.1 otro Gobierno. In witness whereof the re- spective Plenipotentiaries have signed this Agreement and have affixed their seals hereto. Done in duplicate, in the Eng- lish and Spanish languages, both authentie, at the city of Guate- mala, this 24th day of April nineteen hundred and thirty-six. En testimonio de ]0 cual, los respectivos Plenipotenciarios fir- man y sellan este Convenio. Hecho en duplicado, en los idiomas espanol e ingles, ambos textos autenticos, en la ciudad de Guatemala a los 24 dias del mes de abril de mil noveeientos treintiseis. For the President of the United States of America: [SEAL] SIDNEY E. O'DONOGHUE For the President of the Republic of Guatemala: [SEAL] J. GONZALES CAMPO. Signatures.