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282 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 172. 1838. pond grove, and Johnson’s grove, to Lexington. From Jonesborough to Georgetown. From Mount Pleasant, by Cowskin, Beatty’s prairie, and Vineyard, Arkansas, to Fort Sylmth. Igromdfyoyheport, by Cormoys mill , Cooper county, and Pisg to oun - i l post-office. Fro Blodmfield, Stoddard county, by the gpwer end og Wpst prairie, to thrd h f Martin Wood. From Van uren, by har es Huddlesto ’ , tsllzxilll court-house, Arkansas. From Jefferson city, by California: so the Round-hill post-office. From Carrollton, by Utica and Naves’s store, to Thompsorn’s settlement, in the territory attachgl to Livingston county. From Richmond to Utica. From Glasgow oward count , to Four-mile prairie. From Woodville, Macon cobnty, to Newark, Lewis county. From Huntsville, by Johnson Wright's, to Macon courthouse. From Sand Hill, Lewis county, to St. Francisville. From Me 'co, Audrain county by Bowling Green, to Clarksville. From Keyifersville to Macon coiirt-houlpfp. From Iileytersville to Linn courthouse. From Jefferson city, by iller court- ouse, to Versailles. From J onesborough to Johnson court-house. From Arrow Rock, to old J eil ferson Saline count . From the city of St. Louis, to Portage Desseaux b h, fth yth fth M` "er dBellef t' F I yt e wayo e mou o e issouri riv an on aine. rom Clarksville, in Missouri, to Phillip’s ferry, on the Illinois river, in the State of Illinois. From Palmyra to Shelbyville. From Springfield, Missouri, to Fayetteville, Arkansas. From St. Louis, by Springfield, to Cane-hill, in Arkansas. From Palmyra to Shelbyville. In Aykmm- Arkansas.-——From Dwight, Pope county, to Crooked creek, Carroll °¤*¤bl¤¤h¢d· county. From Dardanelles, Pope county, to Fort Smith, on the south side of Arkansas riyer. From Little Rock, by Clinton and Marion gourtgrpuép, to Epringhild, Missgprr. Exam gre mopth of Cache, by ine u , to core a abre. rom itt e ock, y Erwin’s settlement, White county court-house, Litchfield, and Powhattan, to Jacksonb From Ozark, Franklin county, by Huntsville, Madison county, to sage, Benton county. From the Mouth of Cache, by Searcy, White county, to Clinton. From Helena, by Tunica court-house, Misgissippk Panola court-house, and Oxford, Lafayette county, to Pontitoc. rom thens Izard county toSpringlield Missouri. From Pocahontas, through the northern part of Green,county, to Stoddart courthouse, Missouri. From Jackson, by Long’s on Strawberry river, to Athens, Izard county. From Fayetteville, by Ozark, to Scott courthouse. From Fort Smith to Scott court-house. From Clarksville to Carrollton, in Carroll county. From Lake Port G. Bayou Moses Hill, to Bayou Bartholomew. From Ecore a Fabre to the Union courthogs? Fpom Sgott courihouse, Hot Springs and Coddo Cave, to Para 1 a. rom onway, ong Prairie, to Natchitoches in Louisiana. In Miclggan- Michigau.—From Battle creek to Hastings. From,Whitmansville, ¢¤¥¤l>l¤¤h - by Charleston, to Lafayette. From Belvidere to Mount Clemens. From Detroit, through Greenfield, to Southfield. From Marshall, byVerona, to Hastings. From Paxton, by Howell, to Owasco. From Granville to Po£tlShel¢;on, in 1Ottowa crgunlty. From J acksou, by Ingham and Howell, to mt. rom outitoc, y owell, to Jackson. From Flint, Genesee county, by Bearsleyville, to Lapier. From Cassopolis, by Whitmansville, to Keelersville. From Monroe, by Stony Creek, Exeter, Huron, and Rosou’s mill, to Ypsilanti. From Flat-rock, in Brownstown township, to Gibraltar. From Lapier, by Langdon and Mount Pleasant, to Grand Blanc. _From Ingham to Jefferson. From Saranac to Ionia. From Springville, by Brooklyn, Jefferson, Spring Arbor, Concord, Albion, and Berne, to Marshall. From Concord, Jackson county, to John W1lbur’s, in the town of Pulaski. From Battle creek, Calhoun county, to Cold water, via Goodwinsville. From Battle creek to Galesburg, via Augusta. From Bellevue, by Vermonticello, to Ionia. From Jackson to Gamblesville. From Galaston, by Otsego, to Allagan. From