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284 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 173, 174. 1838, Snrvrs II. C . CLXXIH.-dn dd making appropriations or certain fort{fieat' tl . . mPUni1ed Smtesfor the year one thousand eight Iioncircd and thirty-ezgzffl H [Ob°°l°t°'] Be it enacted by the Senate and House eg Representatives of ,;],8 United States of America in Congress assem. Zed, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby appropriated, to be paid out of any unappropriuted money an the Treasury, for certain fortifications, viz z Fm Warren. For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, one hundred thousand dollars- £d¤*£,]° Ie25d For the preservation of Castle island, and repairs of Fort Indeoeud. pandas; °` ence, Boston harbor, EBay thousand dollars; Fm-: Adams. For Fort Adams, Rhode Island, one hundred thousand dollars; New London For fortifications at New London harbor, Connecticut, twenty-fivg bmwr- thousand dollars· For:Schuy!er. {or Fort Schhyler, East river, New York, one hundred thousand dollars·

 For hort Delaware, Delaware river, forty thousand dollars,

W Redoubt For Fort McHenry, Redoubt Wood, and Covington Battery, near _ ood. and C0- Baltimore, thirty-two thousand four hundred and Eileen dollars; “£.’§l?f?d*;'::;;Y‘ For Fort Monroe, Virginia, one hundred thousand dollars; Fon C ;h,,m{_ For Fort. Calhoun Virginia, thirty thousand dollars Chariegwn For fortifications ih Charleston harbor, and for the preservation of the h;.‘g;‘;'M0umie site of Fort Moultrie, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars; Fm p,,;,,;,;` For Fort Pulaski, Cockspur Island, Georgia, one hundred thousand dollars; t£?:;:n§f°S’ For the fort ut Foster’s bank, Florida, thirty-three thousand dollars; 1mm Mmm, For repairs of Fort Marion and of the ea—wall at St. Augustine, 36m;?:;;! twenty-nine thousand five hundred dollars; ' - ‘ For the urehase of the charter right to the brid e across Mill cre k B dg F P S S € Mr;u·¤:.“ on at Fort Monroe, four thousand dollars ; ’ For: Caswell. For securing the site of Fort Caswell, Oak Island, North Carolina, eight thousan five hundred dollars; Qld for: at the For repairs of the Old Fort at the Baraneas, Pensacola, seventy-five “”“°°°· thousand dollars; Fm Niagara. For repairing Fort Niagara in the State of New York three thouma (mum ; ’ Comingencies. For contingencies of fortifications, ten thousand dollars. How to be ex- Sm:. 2. And be it further enacted, That of the sums appropriated by Pwd6d- this bill u portion not to exceed fifty per centum upon all the items above fifteen thousand dollars shall be drawn from the Treasury during the present year, and the balance of the said appropriations shall be cx- V £ende& for gh:-kobjects designated, during the year one thousand eight undr an t `rty-nine. ‘ Armzcvnn, July 7, 1838. SIATUTE II. _______ Jul? 7• 1838- (jun. CLXXIV.——An dnt to remit the duties upon certain goods destroyed byjire [gw01m_] at the late conjiagralian in Mc city of New York.

 Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United

I:II`:;f·8*gg*<;*· States of America in Congress assembled, That the collector of the and Disu,ict'2{ customs for rhe port of New York, the naval officer of the said port, mmey of New and the district attorney for the southern district of the State of New gg}; ;%;¤¤;:· York, be, and they are `hereby, constituted a commission to ascertain mum ascggam the amount of duties paid, or secured to be paid, upon all goods, wares, mmounn ogg and merchandise destroyed, in unbroI::en und original packages as im- §°¤“; 6:;*25* ported, by thegreat connagrzmon which took place m the exty of New cg",} gmm in York on the surteenth and seventeenth duys of December in the year New?;:!:, &.¤. one thousandexght hundred and thirty-five, and the name or names and pleces of remdence of the several persons entitled, as owners of the and goods, or otherwrse, to recenve or have remitted to them the amount