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290 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 180. 1838. Connecticut. Stare of Connecticut.-—For placing six buoys in the western, and MY““° “'°’· six in the eastern entrance of Mystic river, from Fisher’s island sound, in the State of Connecticut, according to the survey and estimate of F. H. Gregory, reported to the Board of Navy Commissioners on the Bam island seventh day of Augiist last, four hundred and thirty-five dollars; and for

¤;l,,T¤¤¤*’¤ buoys on the rock in the channel east of Ram island, and upon Tm-.

' ner’s reel, according to said survey and report, one hundred dollars. Lynda point. For the erection of a light-house on Lynde point, at the mouth of Connecticut river, in addition to the sum of five thousand dollars already appropriated, two thousand five hundred dollars. Fairweather To complete a sea-wall, to preserve the light-house and other buildi¤l¤¤d· ings on Fairweather island, near Blackrock harbor, pursuant to the report of Captain Gregory, one thousand five hundred dollars. Milford harbor- For the erection of buoys on such of the rocks m the harbor of Mi]- 5,,0,,,,,, ,,_ ford as may be designated by the Superintendent of Light-houses for Pond _ that district, three hundred dollars; for one buoy on a ledge called the ,_g,':¤“°,ld P°m* Shoal, west of Black point, and one buoy on Pond reef in the bay of ,,,,1,* md 0,,. Nrantrck, one hundred and sixty dollars; for buoys on Cornfield point ,_tg;k,'I’¤¤d point Ek, itiianés roclz and Oystgr (Pond, point Soak, near Plum island, in ng s an soun , two un re an orty dollars. New York. , State_qf New Y0rk.——1i:or, completing a beacon on R.omer’s shoals, ,,,¥,°£;°'l’ in addition to the appropriation heretofore made, ten thousand dollars; ` to be expended under the direction of a competent engineer, to be selected by the Secretary of the Treasury. E,,,,,,,,, mM_ To complete a light-house on Esopus meadows, on the western dows. shore of the Hudson river, three thousand dollars, in addition to the sum heretofore appropriated. com 5,;,,,,4, To complete a light-house on Cedar island, Sa Harbor, two thousand five hundred dollarg, in addition to the sum hergtofore appropriated. Fisheris For the erection of a light-house on the northern islet in Fisher’s sound. sound, near the northwest end of Fisher’s island, three thousand dollars. Gednéyb For the payment of the balance remaining due for the expenses of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,_ procuring andlocating buoys in the new channel in the·port of New igrewhrzziy, Yogk, lately giilcovereeg a,pd called Gedney’s channel, eight hundred °“ W- an seventy dollars an t irty-six cents. gni2:,¤E°°;i?,3,,,, New Jersey.-For erecting a small beacon-light at South Amboy, and shoal. putting down the following buoys, to wit: One on the tail of the Great Glxgggi? Beds; one off Billop’s Point shoal, southwest part of Staten island; one om orchard on the Middle Ground, near Prince’s bay; one on the Old Orchard shoal ; °lg°l·, K.,, one oil` the point of the Great Kill shoals, one thousand and fifty dollars. ,h,,r:j:_ I For the erection of a beacon-light at the Corner Stake so called, Corner ,Stake. between Elizabethtown point, and Shorter’s island ; also another small 1££,°j’°°" ’“' light or lantern on Shortcr’s island ; also for buoys, &rc. at the following Bergen {gin; places: A spar buoy at Bergen point; a spar buoy at the Mill Rocks, ME, *;,**8, ·n B in Newark bay; a spar buoy on the first oyster bed or point of the bar ,,,,b,,d_ Ybetween the Hackensack and Passaic channels, one and a half mile Comer Stake. below the crossing place; a spar buoy at the Corner Stake, so called; pag; °'°‘““‘¥ a spar buoy at the crossing place, on the north side; a spar buoy at The elbow. pho elbogv; alfl purpuarét tg thelreport of Captains Kearney, Sloat, and erry,t irty· our un re dollars. Delaware. State of Delaware.-For rebuilding a floating-light on Five Fathom Bm F‘*‘h°¤ Banlkb aa the entrance of the Delaware Bay, the sum of fifteen thousan dollars. ,

 higtatei q;;`]Maryla1,rd.—F,pr placing fom bpoy; at pr near Pool’s Island

' c anne , the sum 0 one t onsan two un re do lars. Virginia. State of Wrginia.—For placing spar-buoys in James river, between J“m°“ ’“’°"· Dpy’s pioint ang Richmond city,‘on such ledges and shoals as may be se ecte , two thousand dollars. Potomac. For building a light-boat to take place of the one in the narrows of the Potomac, eight thousand dollars