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TWENTY—FlFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 73, 74, 75. 1839. 329 the Secretary of War to the survey of the most eligible route for a rail- ¢¤ be applied to road from the town of Milwaukee, on lake Michigan, to such point on mf? s“‘&"‘t?Y f" “ the Mississippi river as may be deemed most expedient. ltljitugukégrzy Approved, March 3, 1839. the Mississippi. S I. Cr-Ap, LXXIII.-—.H·n· Aet to repeal the second section of "An act to extend the time MTM:?; H fm- locating Virginia military land warranfs and returning surveys thereon to ..._.“c1Q3i the General Land Often," approved July seventh, eighteen Hundred and thi·rty· eight. (zz) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the second see- Smmd swim tion of "An act to extend the time for locating Virginia military land m 7th 3,;,., warrants and returning surveys thereon to the General Land Office," 1838. ch- 166. approved July seventh, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, be, and the r°p"al°d' same is hereby repealed. Approved, March 3, 1839. Srsrotz III. Cr-rar-. LXXIV.—.d¢z det for the relief of umbrclkvrnakcra. Much 3, 1839. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the [Obsolete_] United States ¢y" Amerira in Congress assembled, That there shall be All excess of refunded, out of the Treasury, to such umbrella-makers as have im- d*2Ytb°Y°{§ ported umbrella-stretchers since the passage of the act. entitled "An act mv; gzgg ,.a_ to alter and amend the several acts imposing duties on imports," ap- quired if me proved the fourteenth day of July, A. D. eighteen hundred and thirty- %‘::*$°?gh two,.all excess of duty, beyond what such importers would have been cms2Q0f2d required to pay, if the provisoes contained in the tenth and twelfth see. act 14th clauses of the second section of said act had at all times since its pas- ;;}? 111332; sage been suspended in their operation in the same manner as they were dmés {:8;, gum suspended by the act of the second of March, A. D. eighteen hundred pended in their and thirty-three, entitled "An act to explain and amend the several acts ;’§°"°“°“» 1* imposing duties on imports, passed the fourteenth of July, one thousand acl2y3i2r6X_ eight hundred and thirty-two, so far as relates to hardware and certain 1833, eh. 62, manufactures of copper and brass and other articles," and by other sub· ’°f*md°d· &·°• sequent acts of like character. Armovnn, March 3, 1839. -—- Smrum III. C1-rar. LXXV. -An ./Jet to authorize the Secretary of the Navy to purchase a March 3, 1839. lract of land belonging to the heirs of John Harris, deceased, being within the "‘6"‘”"""' limits ry' the navy yard in ozmzawwn, Maeuztemzt. (a) 1 *>°°‘°'°·l Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the p§::};&1;“*g'rf° Navy be and he hereby is authorized and required to purchase certain ,,,,,,;,,,,,1.;,, lands situated within the limits of the navy yard m Charlestown, in the Charlestown. 4 (e) dee notezs of the acts which have been passed relating to Virginia military land warrants, vol. 1, 64, vo . 3, 61 . (L) Certain streets were laid out by the town of Charlestown, Massachusetts; and the proceedings relative to the same were afterwards confirmed b_y an act of the Legislature. Tho streets pos ed over the land of John Harris; and he afterwards received a compensation from the town for taking the land occupied by the streets. In 1800, the United States, under the authority of an act of the Iéegtslature of Massachusetts, purchased of Mr. Harris several parcels of land, now occupied as a navy y . And in 1801, by an arrangement between the town of C arlestown and the United States, the streets,_so for as they were within the limits of the navy yard, were closed up, and haye ever since been discontinued, and have been used as a part of the navy yard. The agent of the United States and Mr. Hams,_not agreeing as to the value of the land taken for the navy yard, the value was s.seertmned_aud determined lg ajury proceeding under a law authorizing the same, and the amount of the valuation paid to Mr. arris by the United States. The jury did not appraise the land on_wh1eh the streets were lard out. One lot of ground was appraised " with the appurtenances.? This action was mstrtuted by the he1rs_of Mr. Harris claiming to berpaid the value of the land on which the streets had been hud out, but which hud been discontinued. he defendant was the commandant of the navyyard. _ _ _ By the Court. The term " appurtenances," in common psrlance, an rn legal acceptauon, is used to signify somethin sppertaining to another thing as principal, and which passes asmctdsutto the principal vat. V.———g2 2 e 2