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TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 35. 1841. 427 printing, stationery, fuel, and all other incidental expenses, twenty thousand one hundred and seventy-five dollars; For compensation of the Governor, Jud es and Secretar of the ‘ ‘. Territory of Florida, thirteen thousand five lixunilrcd dollars; y tdiignda Tam For contingent expenses of said Territory, three hundred and fifty dollars; · For pay and mileage of the members of the Legislative Council of said Territory, pay to the officers of the Council, printing, furniture, rent, stationery, fuel and all other incidental expenses, twenty-seven thousand one hundred and twenty-five dollars; For compensation of the chief justice, the associate judges, and dis- Ch- f. t. rriet judges of the United States, ninety-three thousand nine hundred &e,1fi,JsiSw6' dollars; For compensation of the chief justice and associate Judges of the Judges ot°Dis- District of Columbia, and of the judges of the criminal and orphans trier 0<>l¤mbi¤· courts of said District, twelve thousand seven hundred dollars; For carrying into effect the provisions of the act approved on the L¤¤F·*i¢¤i¤*l¤¢ second of February instant, “Making temporary provision for lunatics E133Q2t0f C°` in the District of Columbia," three thousand dollars; 1841; eh. 4-. For compensation of the Attorney General of the United States, four Attorney Gen. thousand dollars; For compensation of clerk and messenger in the office of the Attor- Oniee. ney General, one thousand five hundred dollars; For contingent expenses of said office, five hundred dollars; For compensation to the reporter of the decisions of the Supreme Reporter Su. Court, one thousand dollars; P¤‘¤m¤ COUTM For compensation to the district attorneys and marshals, including DiS,_,,,,0m6ys those in the several Territories, fourteen thousand four hundred and and marshals. fifty dollars; For defraying the expenses of the Supreme, Circuit, and District Expenses of courts of the United States, including the District of Columbia; also for §L¤P**>Y¤¤C¤¤¤‘*» jurors and witnesses, in aid of the funds arising from fines, penalties, °' and forfeitures, incurred in the year eighteen hundred and forty-one, and preceding years; and likewise for defraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe-keeping of prisoners, three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars: Provided, P,0,,,S0_ however, That hereafter, in lieu of all fees, emoluments, and receipts now allowed in districts where the present entire compensation of any of the officers hereinafter named shall exceed the sum of one thousand five hundred dollars per annum, it shall and may be lawful for the United States’ clerks, attorneys, counsel, and marshals, in the district and circuit courts of the United States in the several States, to demand and receive the same fees that now are, or hereafter may be, allowed by the laws of the said States respectively where said courts are held, to the clerks, attorneys and counsel, and sheriifs, in the highest courts of the said States in which like services are rendered; and no other fees or emoluments, except that the marshals shall receive in full, for summoning all the jurors for any one court, thirty dollars; and shall receive, for every day’s actual attendance at any court, five dollars per day; and for any services, including the compensation for mileage, performed by said officers in the discharge of their ofhcial duty, for which no compensation is provided by the laws of said States respectively, the said officers may receive such fees as are now allowed by law according to the existing usage and practice of said courts of the United States; Agbmbyg i _ and every district attorney, except the district attorney of the southern _Provi¤o, limitdistrict of New York, shall receive, in addition to the above fees, a .;‘}§.;_,l;’,§g‘:,‘f“° Stllilfy of two hundred dollars per annum: Provided, That the fees Rnd able by mo;. emoluments retained by the district attorneys, marshals, and clerks, ex· nays, &c.