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TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 35. 1841. 431 missions, boxes, and all other fees, perduisites and emoluments, of any name or character whatsoever, and for any service whatsoever; For ship, steamboat, and way-letters, forty thousand dollars; Ship letters, For wrapping-paper, twenty-five thousand dollars; , &v¢€, , For office-furniture, five thousand dollars ; Pm,_'“l"“’8 l‘“‘ For advertising, thirty-six thousand dollars; Office furni· For mail—bags, thirty-five thousand dollars; **26- , , For blanks, thirty-three thousand dollars; M*£1°;2;:'_g‘ For mail-locks, keys and stamps, fifteen thousand dollars; Blanks. For mail depredations and special agents, twenty-two thousand dol- &l°€'“l l°°k°· lars; Q,- For clerks for offices, two hundred and ten thousand dollars; tildhsll gz?-edn For miscellaneous, sixty thousand six hundred and twenty dollars; ,?,l°'k'f, And for the continuance of the survey of the coast of the Gulf of S,,1:.,°: °,;i·°$i,1: Mexico, twenty thousand dollars; coast of the For the balance, certified as due to the agent and commissioners at G“lf°fM°*l°°· Havana, to procure the archives of Florida, and transmit them to this ,r£°;,g{,?$:;':¥ country, and in full execution of the laws upon that subject, the sum of Florida. six thousand and forty-three dollars and ten cents; For compensation to William W. Chew, late acting charge d’affaires (l,'€,'“,gf'E;'l°” at Russia, from the twenty-third of July, eighteen hundred and thirty- t° ’°W' nine, till the twenty-first of September, eighteen hundred and forty, the sum of two thousand nine hundred dollars, it being the difference between his salary as Secretary of Legation and the pay of a charge d’aH`airos during that period; For the pay and mileage of the members of the Senate for the extra Extra session session of that body, to be convened in its Executive capacity on the g ‘l‘° $,****3**- fourth day of March of the present year, the sum of thirteen thousand agi m m °` four hundred and twenty-four dollars; For the contingent expenses of the Senate for the extra session in- Contingent cluding the pay of messengers, service of horses, fuel, stationery, and °"P°¤¤°¤- all other contingent items of the extra session, three thousand dollars; _ And for a hydrographic survey of the coasts of the northern and HYd*'°€,F*:!:“° northwestern lakes of the United States, to be expended under the direc- T:;:;;? ° ° tion of the President, fifteen thousand dollars; And the Librarian of Congress is authorized to employ an additional Assistant to assistant, who shall receive a yearly compensation of eleven hundred Ié‘l”“""“ °f and fifty dollars, commencing December first, one thousand eight hun- °ngr°s°' dred and forty, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treat- Compensation sury be, and he is, hereby authorized to pay, out of any money in the gg;::;???;? Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the collectors, deputy ccllec— y°,,,]ggg_ tors, naval officers, surveyors, and their respective clerks, together with the weighers, gaugers, measurers and markers of the several ports of the United States, the same compensation for the year eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, which they would have been entitled to receive if the third section of the act of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, 1838* °l‘· 169* entitled "An act to provide for the support of the Military Academy of the United States, for the year eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, and for other purposes," had continued in force during said year, and subject to the provisions and restrictions therein contained: Provided, p,";,,, That nothing in this section contained shall be so construed as to give to any collector of the customs a salary for the year eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, beyond the maximum now fixed by law, of four thousand dollars; P¤Ym°¤*°f¤'• Sec. 3. And be it jiu-ther enacted, That the Secretary of the Trea- £n'l;,f° Bury be, and he is hereby, authorized to pay to the clerks in the custom- cum-,m.hmm house at Boston, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise ap- at Boston.