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458 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 17. 1841. 1819, c1,_ ,17_ the admission of such State into the Union on an equal footing with the original States," for the·making of a road or roads leading to the said State, be, and the same is hereby, relinquished to the said State of Alabama, payable in two equal instalments, the first to be paid on the first day of May, eighteen hundred and forty-two, and the other on the first day of May, eighteen hundred and forty-three, so far as the same may then have accrued, and quarterly, as the same may thereafter accrue: 1>,0,,;,0_ Provided, That the Legislature of said State shall first pass an act, de. claring their acceptance of said relinquishment, and also embracing a provision, to be unalterable without the consent of Congress, that the whole of said two per cent. fund shall be faithfully applied, under the direction of the Legislature of Alabama, to the connection, by some means of internal improvement, of the navigable waters of the bay of Mobile with the Tennessee river, and to the construction of a continuous line of internal improvements from apoint on the Chattahoochie river, opposite West Point, in Georgia, across the State of Alabama, in a direction to Jackson in the State of Mississippi. Approved, September 4, 1841. Srururr: I. ·——·-—· Sept. 9, 1841. CHAP. XVH.—-dn det making apprqpriations for various fortification, for ord-

 nance, and for preventing and suyqtressing Indian hostilities.

Be it enacted by the Senate and H ouse of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereby, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, namely: wm.;,,,;,.; For repairs of West-head battery, Governor’s island, Boston harbor, buttery- five thousand dollars; South-east For repairs of Southeast battery, Governor’s island, Boston harbor, l>¤¤¤fY· five thousand dollars; Fort Indepen- For repairs of Fort Independence and sea-wall of Castle island, Bosd¤¤¤°i &·¤· ton harbor, sixty-five thousand dollars; Fort Warren. d For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, one hundred and five thousand ollars; Fort at New For repairs of old fort at New Bedford harbor, five thousand dollars; Bfqdforg-d For Fort Adams, Newport harbor, forty-five thousand dollars; Fgrlh TS1, For fortifications in New London harbor—rebuilding of Fort Trum- ' um ubull, Connecticut, thirty-five thousand dollars; Ft. Griswold. Fo}; repaigs of old Port Griswold, New London harbor, Connecticut, ten thousand dollars; Fort Niagara. For completing repairs of Fort Niagara, and erecting and repairing necessary buildings therein, New York, twenty thousand dollars; Fort Ontario. For completing repairs of Fort Ontario, Oswego, New York, and erecting necessary buildings therein, fifteen thousand dollars; Fort Schuyler. For Fort Schuyler, New York harbor, seventy thousand dollars; Fort Wood. For repairs of Fort Wood and sea-wall, Bedlow’s island, New York harbor, fifty thousand dollars; Ft.Colurnbus, For permanent walls for Fort Columbus, Castle Williain and South El:;'l:nY,Vg;mh pottery, Governor’s 1sland,_ New York harbor, twelve thousand dolbatter . MSS _Costl}e Wil- , For repairs of sea—w:·1ll of Castle William and other parts of Goveri;"{;'k£°"“"’°' S nor’s island, seven thousand dollars; F,_1j€1,,wm.8_ For Fort Delaware, Delaware river, provided the title to the Pea Proviso. Patch island shall be decided to be in the United States, including twenty-two thousand seven hundred and seventy dollars carried to the surplus fund,'January first, eighteen hundred and forty-one, fifty thousand dollars; pcm, a1A,1m,_ For repairing forts at Annapolis harbor, Maryland, five thousand Dolls. dollars ;