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532 TWENTY-SEVEN TH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch.2fl‘2. 1842. For house expenses, including repairs, lighting, and cleaning at the same, two hundred dollars. For office expenses, including stationery and postage at the same, one hundred dollars. Branch mint N0. 35. For coinage expenses, including materials and implements, 8* N· OFl°¤¤¤- fuel, repairs, and wastage of gold and silver, at the New Orleans branch mint eleven thousand and f·ifty-two dollars. Fdr house expenses, including water-rent and taxes, repairs, lighting, cleaning, and watching, three thousand five hundred and ninety-eight dollars. For office expenses, including stationery and postage, three hundred and fifty dollars. _ _ Repairs of the No. 36. For annual repairs of the Capitol, attending furnaces and °**.—“°l· &·°· water-closets, lamp-lighting, oil, laborers on Capltpil grouplds, tools, keepintr iron pipes and wooden fences in order, atten incr at the western gates, [gardeners salary, and top-dressing for plants, szeven thousand Proviso, gar· four hundred and fifty-eight dollars and fifty cents: Provided, That the g°“.‘·;'€ “°l°*'Y salary of the public gardener shall not exceed the sum of one thousand ml G . two hundred dollars. Repairs of the For annual repairs of the Presidentfs house, gardener’s salary, horse Eresidepfs and cart, laborers, tools, and top-dressing for plants, two thousand five °“‘°· °· hundred and fifty dollars. Repairing For repairs of fence on Pennsylvania avenue, fronting the WVar and fences. State Departments, and fence of President’s garden, two hundred dollars. Furnaces be- For taking down and removing the two furnaces beneath the Hall of

 H,;‘;*"é °f the House of Representatives, and building three new ones on the floor

"below the crypt, excavating a coal vault, constructing additional flues for hot and cold air for the better ventilation of the Hall and passages, nine thousand six hundred and thirty-four dollars. Groundnorth For purchase of ground north of the General Post Office, between of the General seventh and eighth streets, or so much thereof as the Postmaster Gene- P°“ Om°°· ral may deem expedient, twenty-five thousand dollars. Bridge rrereee For rebuilding·the bridge across Pennsylvania avenue, at Second Pennsylvania street, and extending the same over the present stone abutments on said “"°"“°• Second street, and reimbursing the corporation of Washington the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars, expended in erecting the present wooden structure, twelve thousand dollars. Alterations, For altering the two passages and doorways of the roof; new steps, &·°· °"°' H°“S€ new doors covering the wood with copper removing the circular hori- °f R°p°' zontal sash, over the Hall of the House of iltepresentatives, and substitutip{g t; piprmanfent rppf govgrgtllfvith copper, and repairing the copper wor o e too six un re dollars. Alterations, For alteratiorfs and repairs, and fixtures of the north wing of the g,E‘;·¤;)‘3;ii‘ "“'€·’ gzpgol, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three dollars and forty-five Repairs, &,o. For new floor in the basement story of the President’s house, for gg;;°S‘d°“** wooden partition and glass door, and for new caps to the chimneys, ' five hundred and fifty dollars. Completing P. For completing the Post Office building, and fixtures and furniture 0- l¤¤1ldi¤z- for the same, twenty-seven thousand and ninety-one dollars and seventy~ one cents. Repairing foot- For repairing the stone work which secures the iron pipes where they W;!;: and °mP· cross the 'Ihber, one hundred and fifty dollars. PFor repairing the flag footways at the Capitol and Presidentfs house, and for repairing lamp posts and lamps at the Capitol, two hundred dollars. Ngggtipriqn e; Por expenses attending the negotiation of a treaty with the Wyandot

é¤gsW¤thWy- linphans of Ohio, in addition to former appropriations, one thousand

' dollars.