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TWVENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess.II. Ch.270. 1842. 553 cents per pound; on patent sheathing metal composed in part of copper, two cents per pound. Ninth, On tin, in pigs, bars, or blocks, one per centum ad valorem; Timsilver platjn in plates or sheets, ternc plates, taggers’ tin, and tin foil, two and a wd “’°‘°l· &°· half per centum ad valorem; on silver-plated metal in sheets, and on argentine, alabata, or German silver, in sheets or otherwise, unmannfactnred, thirty per centnm ad valorem; on manufactures of German silver, bell metal, zinc, and bronze, thirty per centum ad valorem; on zinc in sheets, ten per centum ad valorem: Provided, That old bells, or parts thereof, fit only to be remanufactured, shall not be considered manufactures of bell metal, but shall be admitted free of duty; on bronze powder, bronze liquor, iron liquor, red liquor, and seppia, twenty per centum ad valorem. Tenth. On coal, one dollar and seventy·hve cents per ton; on coke Coal, &c- or eulm of coal, five cents per bushel. Sec. 5. And be it jiwt/w enacted, That, from and after the passage of this act, there shall be levied, collected, and paid, on the importation of articles hereinafter mentioned, the following duties; that is to say: First. On all vessels or wares, articles, and manufactures of cut glass, Gm zl=>¤¤· when the cutting on the article does not exceed one-third the height or length thereof, a duty of twenty-five cents per pound; when the cutting exceeds one-third the height or length, but does not exceed one half the same, a duty of thirty-hve cents per pound; when the cutting extends to or exceeds one-half the height or length thereof, a duty of forty-five cents per pound ; on cut glass chandeliers, candlesticks, lustres, lenses, lamps, prisms and parts of the same, and on all drops, icicles, spangles, and ornaments used for mountings, a duty of forty-five cents per pound; on articles of plain, moulded, or pressed glass, weighing over eight ounces, a duty of ten cents per pound ; on articles of plain, moulded, or pressed Moulded or glass, weighing eight ounces or under, except tumblers, a duty of twelve P¥€SS°d gmscents per pound; on plain, moulded, or pressed tumblers, ten cents per pound; on all plain, moulded or pressed glass, when steppered, or the bottoms ground, or puntied, an additional duty of four cents per pound: Provided, That all articles of moulded or pressed glass, being cut, roughed, or polished, in part or parts thereof, and all other wares or articles of flint glass, not otherwise specified, shall pay the duty chargeable on articles of cut glass of the description and class to which they may severally belong. _ Second. On all apothecaries’ vials and bottles, not exceeding the ca- tlgmls Md l~’°*· pacity of six ounces each, one dollar and seventy-five cents per gross; s` apothecaries’ vials and bottles exceeding six ounces, and not exceeding the capacity of sixteen ounces each, two dollars and twenty-five cents per gross; on all perfumery and fancy vials and bottles, uncut, not exceeding the capacity of four ounces each, two dollars and fifty cents per gross; and those exceeding four ounces, and not exceeding, in capacity, sixteen ounces each, three dollars per gross. _ _ Third. On black and green glass bottles and jars', exceeding eight Iggck glggbml ounces, and not exceeding in capacity, one quart each, a duty of three 52,5 §n€1j,,,S_ dollars per gross; when exceeding the capacity of one quart each, four dollars per gross; on demijohns and carboys, of the capacitypof half a Demijohns gallon or less, fifteen cents each; when exceeding, in capacity, half H and °°¥b°Y$- gallon, and not exceeding three gallons each, a duty of thirty cents each; exceeding three gallons, fifty cents each. _ _ _ Fourth. On cylinder or broad window-glass, not exceeding eightby W1¤<l<>Wgl¤€¤· ten inches, two cents per square foot; above that, and not exceeding ten by twelve inches, two and a half cents per square foot; above that, and not exceeding fourteen by ten inches, three and a half cents per square Riot; above that, and not exceeding sixteen by eleven inches, four cents vm,. v.-70 2 W