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622 TWENTY·SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I1 L Ch.SS. 1843. Bm. how ved- verified by the oath of the guardian; and the infant, together with those Hfgmes dBm_ who would be heirs to the estate if he or she were dead, shall be made dam ,hqm0_ parties defendant thereto. It shall be the duty of the court to appoint _G¤¤rd¤¤¤ ud some fit and disinterested person to be guardian ad litem, for the infant, gfgggcf b° °p‘ who shall answer such bill on oath; the infant, also, if above the age Bm, hbw 8,,- of fourteen years, shall unswer the bill in proper person, on oath. swered._ _ Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That whether the answer to the {g‘::;"Q;“é';';_ p1aintiH"s bill admit the facts alleged or not, commissions for taking suigns ,0 be depositions shall be awarded; and before the court shall have authority, uwnrded. &c· under this act, to decree any sale, every fact material to ascertain the propriety of the saledshall be proged by clear and crledible evidence, iven b disintereste witnesses; e ositions to e ta en m the pregence oi? the guardian ad litem, or ugon interrogatories agreed upon by him. whmmquimd Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That if, upon hearing of the

  • 0 Nmdcr ¤ ds- cause, it shall be proved, to the satisfaction of the court, by evidence
 °[“1°1°""‘ taken as aforesaid, that the interest of the infant manifestly requires the

` sale of his real estate, or any part thereof, and the court sha;} bg of 0 inion that, b such sale, the rights of others wil not c vio ate , it shall be lawfuil to decree such gale, in such manner and upon such terms of credit as the court think right, always retaining a lien upon such estate for the payment of the purchase money. S5;¤:=;>;<;¤$; Sec. 4. And be tt jurrlxer enacted, That the prpcceds of such sale plied to me bb shall be vested and applied for the benefit of the infant, either in the mgm; the gn. purchase of other real estate, or in such other manner as the court shall {Mw think best; but, in whatever hands the proceeds of the sale may be placed, the court shall require ample security that they shall be faithfully applied in such manner as the court may tdirect. R h al D.spc>siri<m of Sec. 5. And be it urther enacted, That if the infant, a er suc s e, gt€°31°:?;é;1;’°s° shall die intestate, under the age of twenty-one years, the proceeds aforedyi,,g_ said, or so much thereof as_may remain ut his death, shall be considered as` real estate, und shall pass accordinglydtofsuclh éyerson) or peaims as would have been entitled`to the estate so , i it a not een so . com ofsuit, Sec. 6. And be it {urtlier enacted, That if a sale be decreed, the htéxarzlighs not closts of the shalii te paid out oféthepestntg oféhle infant, otherlwise t e costss a e ui the ainti : ravi c , ntin nocasew ere Ziiggfd m pub a sale shall be decfrced shall the guardian of the said infimt or infants, or the guardian ad litem, be admitted a purchaser, either by himself or by another, or in any manner whatever become the owner of the said Nusa1ct0b,, land, during the intimcy of the heir or devisee: And provided, also,

   {hat no sfalehof any infainfs rela! estatehshall be dlecreedl, bly Hirgrelof

t is 30t,l the testator rom w om suc estate is enve , s a , y is wsmm-° last will and testament, have expressly directed otherwise. A¢¢i¤1¤kp Sec. 7. And be icfurther enacted, That this act shall be in force from gg5s5g!;?" "“ andxaiter the pla/Esage therggfi rmovmn, arch 3, 1 3. Survrs III. _____ 011.41-. LXXXVIlI.—An ict direclin the sw-ve n the northern Zinc 0 the rc-

 scrvalionfar the luz§"-breeds of the Saglm [Sans] ei/nf F ca: tribes of lndiaiii: by the

184% °h- 54- treaty of Jugust one thousand eight hundred and lwenlyyfaur. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Boundary nm, United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Chief Engi- ¢¤ gv quryfyed neer cause to be surveyed and suitably demarked the northém boundary

'ui';gf’ Vd°‘ imc of the reservation for the use of the hahibreeds of the Soch [Sacs]

and Fox tribes of Indians, by the treaty of the fourth of August one thousand eight hundred and twenty-four, beginning at the point, which at the date of said treaty was known and recognised as the northwest corner of the State of Missouri, and running thence due east to the river Mis-