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750 TW EN TY-BIG HTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 70. 1845. G<>¤¤¤I¤ info- the Secretary of State, be. and he is hereby, authorized to empower the {3g" °°“'""°” cnnsuls of the United States to pay the foreign postage of such letters, pay p0SiHgB _ T . . . on terms for destined for the Dmted States, as may be detained at the ports of foreign the U- S- countries for the non-payment of postage; which postage shall be by the To be mlm_ consnl marked as paid by him, and the amount thereof shall be collected ed in U. s.. and in the United States, as other postage, on the delivery of the letters,

;?l;° md and repaid to said consul, cr credited on his account at the State De-

’ artmem. Preference m P Sec. 7. And be it furrher enacted, That the Postmaster General shall, be S*"°_” _'° , in all cases of offers to contract for carrying the mail between any of the $;:T£:§};T:_‘n ports of the United States and any foreign port or place, give the pre. u-acts. ference to such bidder for the contract as shall propose to carry the mail Sfeemships no in a steam ship or ships, and the said contractor stipulating to deliver S: :i:£2i"iT:h°“ said ship or ships to the United States, or to their proper officer, upon Uéillcd stm; demand made, for the purpose of being converted into 21 vessel or vessels The owners no of war; the United States being bound, on their part, to pay to said

  • '°°“"" ml "“‘ owner or owners the fair full value of every such ship or vessel at the

lue therefor. - . . . - . yum, howto time of such delivery; said value to be ascertained by four appraisers be ascertained. to be appointed two by the President of the United States, and two by the owner or owners; and in case of disagreement among said appraisers, the President of the United States to select and appoint an umpire, who shall fix the value. Transportation Sec. 8. And be if further enacted, That the Postmaster General Qlgig *3**;.*** may, if he shall deem it to be for the public interest, make contracts to Mem:, ia continue not exceeding ten years, for the transportation of the mail from sxeumers. place to place in the United States in steamboats by sen and on the Gulf of Mexico and on the Mississippi river from the mouth thereof up to the city of New Orleans, on the conditions specified in the last preceding section of this act. S H Ammovnn, March 3, 1845. » nrucrrs . ____ March 3, 1845. CHAP. LXX.—An dat allowing drawback upon foreign merchandise exported in ———·-·· the original packages lu Chilmaleua and Santa Fé, in Mexico : and lo the British North American provinces adjoining the United States. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United E¥P°"¤‘i°¤ *0 States of America in Congress assembled, That any imported merchan- Chnhuahixa and d· h- h h b d d · d · ·d d d- Samu F8, for ise w 1C as een cntere , an me uties pai or secure according drawback. to law, for drawback, may be exported to Chihuahua, in Mexico, or Santa Fé, in New Mexico, either by the route of the Arkansas river, through Van Buren, or by the route of the Red river through Fulton, or by the route of the Missouri river through Independence. Merchandise Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all the merchandise so exto bein original ported shall be in the original packages as imported, a true invoice Packages- ¤_“d whereof, signed by the exporter, shall be made, to the satisfaction of the IIIVOICS CBX`(l[i€d d ·b· U 1 h k · h · d I bv QOH6cm_ co ector, escri inc accurate y eac pac age wit its contents an a i the marks upon it, exclusive of the name of the exporter, the place of destination, and the route by which it is to be exported; all which shall be inscribed thereon, upon which invoice the collector shall certify that he is fully convinced the same is true, that the goods are in the original packages as imported, that they are duly entered for drawback, and to be exported by the owner, (naming him,) to either of the places aforesaid, (naming it,) and by one of the aforesaid routes, (naming it.) Re-inspection Sec. 3. And be it jilrtber enacted, That upon the arrival of such if @065 m A1'- goods at either of the places in Arkansas or Missouri above named, they qnsas sind han b - . d d _ d . h . . . M138mm_ S c again mspectc an compme wu. the invoice and certificate aforesaid, by an officer of the United States, who shall, if fully convinced that the several packages are identical, having remained unbroken and unchanged, also certify on said invoice the fleets, in such form as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe.