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TREATIES Lifeboats and buoy- ant apparatus. (b.) That all such boats and apparatus shall be readily available within the meaning of Article 13. (c.) That a life-jacket shall be provided for every person on board. (d.) That steps shall be taken to formulate general rules which shall be applicable to the particular circumstances of these trades. Such rules shall be formulated in concert with such other Contracting Governments, if any, as may be directly interested in the carriage of such passengers. ARTICLE 13. Lifeboats and Buoyant Apparatus. The general principles governing the provision of lifeboats and buoyant apparatus in a ship to which this Chapter applies are that they shall be readily available in case of emergency and shall be adequate. 1. To be readily available, the lifeboats and buoyant apparatus must comply with the following conditions:- (a.) They must be capable of being got into the water safely and rapidly even under unfavourable conditions of list and trim. (b.) It must be possible to embark the passengers in the boats rapidly and in good order. (c.) The arrangement of each boat and article of buoyant apparatus must be such that it will not interfere with the operation of other boats and buoyant apparatus. 2. To be adequate, the provision of lifeboats and buoyant appara- tus must satisfy the following conditions:- (a.) Subject to the provisions of sub-paragraph (b) of this para- graph there must be accommodation in boats for all persons on board, and there must, in addition, be buoyant apparatus for 25 per cent. of the persons on board. (b.) In the case of passenger ships engaged on short international voyages, the boats must be provided in accordance with the require- Post, p . 1252. ments set out in the table in Regulation XXXIX, and there must be, in addition, buoyant apparatus so that the boats and buoyant appa- ratus together provide accommodation for all on board as set out in Regulation XXXVIII. There must, in addition, be buoyant appa- ratus for 10 per cent. of the persons on board. (c.) No more boats shall be required on any passenger ship than are sufficient to accommodate all persons on board. ARTICLE 14. Ready availability and adequacy. Arrangements for securing. PI'of, p. 121C . Ready Availability and Adequacy. The arrangements for securing the principles of ready availability and adequacy mentioned in Article 13 shall be in accordance with the provisions of Regulations XXXVII, XXXVIII and XXXIX. 1140