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1142 Lifeboats, rafts, and buoyant apparatus. Standard types. Post, p. 1228. Construction of boats. Passenger embarka- tion. TREATIES ARTICLE 15. Standard types of Boats. Life Rafts. Buoyant Apparatus. All the lifeboats, life rafts and buoyant apparatus shall comply with the conditions fixed by this Convention and Regulations XXIV to XXIX. ARTICLE 16. Constructionof Boats. All boats must be properly constructed, and shall be of such form and proportion that they shall have ample stability in a seaway, and sufficient freeboard when loaded with their full complement of persons and equipment. Each boat must be of sufficient strength to enable it to be safely lowered into the water when loaded with its full complement of persons and equipment. ARTICLE 17. Embarkationof the Passengers in the Boats. Suitable arrangements shall be made for embarking the passengers in the boats at an embarkation deck. There shall also be a suitable ladder provided at each set of davits. ARTICLE 18. Capacity of Boats and Life Rafts. Capacity of boats The number of persons that a boat of one of the standard types or and life rafts. an approved life raft or buoyant apparatus can accommodate and the conditions of approval of life rafts and buoyant apparatus shall Pot, p. 236. be ascertained in accordance with the provisions of Regulations XXX to XXXV inclusive. Equipment. Post, p . 1244. Life-jackets and life- buoys. Type. Post, p. 1254. ARTICLE 19. Equipment of Boats and Life Rafts. Regulation XXXVI prescribes the equipment for boats and life rafts. ARTICLE 20. Life-jackets and Life-buoys. 1. Every ship to which this Chapter applies shall carry for every person on board a life-jacket of a type approved by the Administra- tion, and in addition, unless these life-jackets can be adapted for use by children, a sufficient number of life-jackets suitable for children. 2. Every such ship shall also carry life-buoys of a type approved as aforesaid to the number required by Regulation XL.