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TREATIES 4. The Yellow Sea North of Parallel 37° North. 5. The Formosa Strait between a line in the North drawn from Fuki Kaku (Syauki Point) to Foochow and a line in the South drawn from South Cape (the South point of Formosa) to Hong Kong. 6. The area within the following limits:- Parallel 10° N. from long. 94° E. to the coast of Asia, coast of Asia to Saigon (Cape Tiwan), straight lines between Cape Tiwan, lat. 4° 30' N. long. 110° E., south point of Palawan Island, Palmas (Miangas) Island, lat. 0° long. 140° E., lat. 0° long. 148° E., lat. 10° S. long. 148° E., Cape York, north coast of Australia from Cape York to Port Darwin (Cape Charles), straight lines between Cape Charles, Ashmore Reef (East Island), lat. 10° S. long. 109° E., Christmas Island, lat. 2° N. long. 94° E., lat. 10° N. long. 94° E., outside the territorial jurisdiction of Australia and of the United States of America. 7. The Caribbean Sea, outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States of America, in relation to voyages made by sailing ships only. 8. The area of the South Pacific Ocean bounded by the Equator, Meridian 130° W., Parallel 34° S., and the coast of Australia, outside the territorial jurisdiction of Australia. 9. The Tong King Gulf and portions of the China Sea lying to the West of a line drawn from Hong Kong to Lat. 17° N. Long. 110° E., thence due South to Latitude 10° N., and thence West to Saigon. 10. The portions of the Indian Ocean covered in voyages between ports in Madagascar, Reunion and the Mauritius Islands. 11. The portions of the North Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea covered in voyages between Casablanca (Morocco) and Oran (Algeria) and intermediate ports. ARTICLE 29. Watches. Watches. 1. PassengerShips. adio operat, etc. Each passenger ship which, in accordance with Article 27, is Ante, p .1146. required to be fitted with a radiotelegraph installation, shall, for safety purposes, carry a qualified operator, and, if not fitted with an auto-alarm, shall, whilst at sea, keep watches by means of a qualified operator or a certified watcher, as under:- (a.) All passenger ships under 3,000 tons gross tonnage, as deter- mined by the Administration concerned; (b.) All passenger ships of 3,000 tons gross tonnage and over, continuous watch. 1150