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TREATIES ship, under its own responsibility. Any certificate so issued must contain a statement to the effect that it has been issued at the request of the Government of the country in which the ship is registered, and it shall have the same force and receive the same recognition as a certificate issued under Article 49 of the present Convention. ARTICLE 51. Form of Certificates. Form. All certificates shall be drawn up in the official language or languages of the country by which they are issued. Post, p .1268. The form of the certificates shall be that of the models given in Regulation XLVII. The arrangement of the printed part of the standard certificates shall be exactly reproduced in the certificates issued, or in certified copies thereof, and the particulars inserted by hand shall in the certificates issued, or in certified copies thereof, be inserted in Roman characters and Arabic figures. The Contracting Governments undertake to communicate one to another a sufficient number of specimens of their certificates for the information of their officers. This exchange shall be made, so far as possible, before the 1st January, 1932. ARTICLE 52. Durationof Certficates. Duration. Certificates shall not be issued for a period of more than twelve months. If a ship at the time when its certificate expires is not in a port of the country in which it is registered the certificate may be extended by a duly authorised officer of the country to which the ship belongs; but such extension shall be granted only for the purpose of allowing the ship to complete its return voyage to its own country, and then only in cases in which it appears proper and reasonable so to do. No certificate shall be extended for a longer period than five months, and a ship to which such extension is granted shall not, on returning to its own country, be entitled by virtue of such extension to leave that country again without having obtained a new certificate. ARTICLE 53. Acceptance of Certificates. Acceptance. Certificates issued under the authority of a Contracting Government shall be accepted by the other Contracting Governments for all pur- poses covered by the present Convention. They shall be regarded by the other Contracting Governments as having the same force as the certificates issued by them to their own ships. 1174