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TREATIES Control. Privileges. Qualification of cer- tificate. Ante, pp. 1172,1174. Chapter VII. -Gen- eral Provisions. Equivalents. ARTICLE 54. Control. Every ship holding a certificate issued under Article 49 or Article 50 is subject, in the ports of the other Contracting Governments, to control by officers duly authorised by such Governments in so far as this control is directed towards verifying that there is on board a valid certificate, and if necessary, that the conditions of the vessel's sea- worthiness correspond substantially with the particulars of that certificate; that is to say, so that the ship can proceed to sea without danger to the passengers and the crew. In the event of this control giving rise to intervention of any kind, the officer carrying out the control shall forthwith inform the Consul of the country in which the ship is registered of all the circumstances in which intervention is deemed to be necessary. ARTICLE 55. Privileges. The privileges of the present Convention may not be claimed in favour of any ship unless it holds a proper valid certificate. ARTICLE 56. Qualification of Certificate. If in the course of a particular voyage the ship has on board a number of crew and passengers less than the maximum number which the ship is licensed to carry, and is in consequence, in accordance with the provisions of the present Convention, free to carry a smaller number of life-boats and other life-saving appliances than that stated in the certificate, a memorandum may be issued by the officers or other authorised persons referred to in Articles 49 and 52 above. This memorandum shall state that in the circumstances there is no infringement of the provisions of the present Convention. It shall be annexed to the certificate and shall be substituted for it in so far as the life-saving appliances are concerned. It shall be valid only for the particular voyage in regard to which it is issued. CHAPTER VII. -GENERAL PROVISIONS. ARTICLE 57. Equivalents. Where in the present Convention it is provided that a particular fitting, appliance or apparatus, or type thereof, shall be fitted or carried in a ship, or that any particular arrangement shall be adopted,