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TREATIES ARTICLE 60. Prior Treaties and Conventions. Prior treaties and 1. The present Convention replaces and abrogates the Convention conventions. for the Safety of Life at Sea, which was signed at London on the 20th January, 1914. 2. All other treaties, conventions and arrangements relating to safety of life at sea, or matters appertaining thereto, at present in force between Governments parties to the present Convention, shall continue to have full and complete effect during the terms thereof as regards- (a) ships to which the present Convention does not apply; (b) ships to which the present Convention applies, in respect of subjects for which it has not expressly provided. To the extent, however, that such treaties, conventions or arrange- ments conflict with the provisions of the present Convention, the provisions of the present Convention shall prevail. 3. All subjects which are not expressly provided for in the present Convention remain subject to the legislation of the Contracting Governments. ARTICLE 61. Modifications. Future Conferences. Modifications. 1. Modifications of the present Convention which may be deemed useful or necessary improvements may be at any time proposed by any Contracting Government to the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and such proposals shall be communicated by the latter to all the other Contracting Governments, and if any such modifications are accepted by all the Contracting Governments (including Governments which have deposited ratifications or accessions which have not yet become effective) the present Convention shall be modified accordingly. conferences. 2. Conferences for the purpose of revising the present Convention shall be held at such times and places as may be agreed upon by the Contracting Governments. A Conference for this purpose shall be convoked by the Govern- ment of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland whenever, after the present Convention has been in force for five years, one-third of the Contracting Governments express a desire to that effect.