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1188 TREATIES Annex I. ANNEX I. Regulations. REGULATIONS. Construction. CONSTRUCTION. REGULATION I. Definitions. Definitions. iine.ubdivision load- (1.) The subdivision loadline is the waterline used in determining the subdivision of the ship. Deepest subdivision The deepest subdivision loadline is that which corresponds to the greatest draught. Length of the ship. (2.) The length of the ship is the length measured between perpen- diculars taken at the extremities of the deepest subdivision loadline. Breadth of the ship. (3.) The breadth of the ship is the extreme width from outside of frame to outside of frame at or below the deepest subdivision loadline. Bulkhead deck. (4.) The bulkhead deck is the uppermost deck up to which the transverse watertight bulkheads are carried. Margin line. (5.) The margin line is a line drawn parallel to the bulkhead deck at side and 3 inches (76 millimetres) below the upper surface of that deck at side. Draught. (6.) The draughtis the vertical distance from the top of keel amid- ships to the subdivision loadline in question, Permeability. (7.) The permeability of a space is the percentage of that space which can be occupied by water. The volume of a space which extends above the margin line shall be measured only to the height of that line. Machinery space. (8.) The machinery space is to be taken as extending from the top of keel to the margin line and between the extreme main transverse watertight bulkheads bounding the spaces devoted to the main and auxiliary propelling machinery, boilers when installed, and all perma- nent coal bunkers. Passenger spaces. (9.) Passenger spaces are those which are provided for the accom- modation, and use of passengers, excluding baggage, store, provision and mail rooms. Post, pp. 1190,1192. For the purposes of Regulations III and IV, spaces provided below the margin line for the accommodation and use of the crew shall be regarded as passenger spaces. Volumes. (10.) In all cases volumes shall be calculated to moulded lines.