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1268 Derelict. Danger to Navigation. Danger to naviga- TTT Navigation. Alpha lightship not on station. 1800 GMT. tion. January 3. Tropical Storm. Tropical storm. TTT Storm. Experiencing tropical storm. Barometer corrected 994 millibars, falling rapidly. Wind NW., force 9, heavy squalls. Swell E. Course ENE., 5 knots. 2204 N., 11354 E. 0030 GMT. August 18. TTT Storm. Appearances indicate approach of hurricane. Ba- rometer corrected 29-64 inches falling. Wind NE., force 8. Swell medium from NE. Frequent rain squalls. Course 35°, 9 knots. 2200 N., 7236 W. 1300 GMT. September 14. TTT Storm. Conditions indicate intense cyclone has formed. Wind S. by W. force 5. Barometer uncorrected 753 millimetres, fell 5 millimetres last three hours. Course N. 60 W., 8 knots. 1620 N., 9302 E. 0200 GMT. May 4. TTT Storm. Typhoon to south-east. Wind increasing from N. and barometer falling rapidly. Position 1812 N., 12605 E. 0300 GMT. June 12. CERTIFICATES. REGULATION XLVII. Safety certificate for passenger ships. Form. Form of Safety Certificatefor Passenger Ships. SAFETY CERTIFICATE. (Official Seal.) an for a short international voyage. (Country.) Issued under the provisions of the INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION FOR SAFETY OF LIFE AT SEA, 1929. or Letters. Name of Ship. Dbtlnc teNrs. " Port of Registry. Gross Tonnage. The (Name) Government certifies I, the undersigned, (Name) certify I. That the above-mentioned ship has been duly surveyed in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention referred to above. TREATIES Derelict. TTT Derelict. Observed derelict almost submerged in 4006 N., 1243 W., at 1630 GMT. April 21. Certificates.