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TREATIES A steam pilot-vessel exeuively employed for the eerviee ef pilot linensed o eertifie by any piletage autheoity e f any piltage distriet, when engaged on her station on pilotage duty and not at anchor, shall, in addition to the lights and flares required for al pilot boats sailing pilot-vessels, carry at a distance of eight feet below her white mast head light, a red light, visible all round the hori- zon nd f of emceh a ehaeaeter as to be isibee en a dark eight with a eleaP atmo.phero at a distance of at least two three miles, and also the eeloured side-lights required to be carried by vessels when under way. All pilot-vessels, when engaged on their stations on pilotage duty and at anchor, shall carry the lights and show the flares prescribed above, ezcept that the side-lights shall not be shown. When not engaged on their stations on pilotage duty, they shall carry the same lights as other vessels of their class and tonnage. When engaged on hep station en pietage dty eand at aneheo she ehall earry in addition te the lights required ffw al pilot beatas the ed light above mcntioneod bet not the eoloured side lghtse Pilot vesels, when not engaged en their statien of piletage duty shale eeay lights similar te those ef other vesels ef their tonnage. ARTICLE 9.*t Fishing-vessels and fishing-boats, when under way and when not required by this Article to carry or show the lights hereinafter specified, shall carry or show the lights prescribed for vessels of their tonnage under way. (a.) Open boats, by which it is to be understood boats not protected from the entry of sea water by means of a continuous deck, when engaged in any fishing at night with outlying tackle extending not more than 150 feet horizontally from the boat into the seaway, shall carry one all-round white light. Open boats, when fishing at night, with outlying tackle extending more than 150 feet horizontally from the boat into the seaway, shall carry one all-round white light, and, in addition, on approaching or being approached by other vessels, shall show a second white light at least 3 feet below the first light and at a horizontal distance of at least 5 feet away from it in the direction in which the outlying tackle is attached. The lights mentioned in this sub-division shall be of such a character as to be visible at a distance of at least 2 miles.

  • This article does not apply to Chinese or Siamese vessels. [Footnote in the

original.] t The expression "Mediterranean Sea" contained in sub-sections (b) and (c) of this Article includes the Black Sea and the other adjacent inland seas in com- munication with it. [Footnote in the original]