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TREATIES The vessels required by this Article to carry or show the lights hereinbefore specified shall not be obliged to carry the lights pre- scribed by Article 4 (a) and the last paragraph of Article 11. ARTICLE 10. A vessel which is being overtaken by another shall ehowe from he stern te sueh last mentioned vessel f white light o a flare-up light. The white light required te be shown by this AHtiele may be fixed and earied in a lantern; bet i suoh ease the lanteen shall be A vessel when under way shall carry at her stern, a white light so constructed, fitted, and screened, that it shall throw an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of 12 points of the compass, viz., for 6 points from right aft on each side of the vessel, and of such a characterse as to be visible at a distance of at least + f'&e 2 miles. Such light shall be carried as nearly as practicable on the same level as the side lights. In small vessels, if it is not possible on account of bad weather or other suficient causeforthis light to befixed, a light shall be kept at hand lighted and readyfor use, and shall, on the approach of an overtaking vessel, be shown in sufficient time to prevent collision. For vessels engaged in towing, see Article 3, last paragraph. ARTICLE 11. A vessel under 150 feet in length, when at anchor, shall carry for- ward, where it can best be seen, but at a height not exceeding 20 feet above the hull, a white light in a lantern so constructed as to show a clear, uniform, and unbroken light visible all round the horizon at a distance of at least 4 2 miles. A vessel of 150 feet or upwards in length, when at anchor, shall carry in the forward part of the vessel, at a height of not less than 20, and not exceeding 40, feet above the hull, one such light, and at or near the stern of the vessel, and at such a height that it shall be not less than 15 feet lower than the forward light, another such light. Between sunrise and sunset all vessels when at anchor in or near a fairway shall carry,forward, where it can best be seen, one black ball, 2feet in diameter. The length ef a vessel shalt be deemed tobe the length appearing in her eertifieate e4 regiatry. A vessel aground in or near a fairway shall carry by night the above light or lights and the two red lights prescribed by Article 4 (a), andby day, where they can best be seen, S black balls, each 2 feet in diam- eter, placed in a vertical line one over the other. 1292