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20 N'entendent assumer aucune obligation en ce ui concerne les Indes neerlandaises, le Surinam et Curagao. 1 v. EYSINGA. J. KOSTERS. PtROU PERU M. H. CORNEJO PORTUGAL PORTUGAL Jos6 CAEIRO DA MATTA Jos6 Maria VILHENA BARBOSA DE MAGALHAES. Prof. Doutor J. LOBO D'AVILA LIMA SALVADOR SALVADOR J. Gustavo GUERRERO SUEDE SWEDEN Sous reserve de ratification de S. M. le Roi de Suede avec l'approbation du Riksdag. 2 K. J. WESTMAN. URUGUAY URUGUAY E. E. BUERO Copie certifi6e conforme. Certified true copy. Pour le Secr6taire g6n6ral: For the Secretary-General: H. McK. WOOD Conseillerjuridique du Acting Legal Adviser Secretariat.p. i. of the Secretariat. Ratifications. AND WHEREAS the said Protocol has been acceded to by Australia, including Papua and Norfolk Island and the mandated territories of New Guinea and Nauru; Brazil; and the Union of South Africa, with Ante, p. 1321 . a reservation; as provided in Article 10 thereof; AND WHEREAS the said Protocol has been duly ratified by the Government of the United States of America, whose instrument of ratification was deposited with the Secretariat of the League of Na- tions on August 3, 1932; AND WHEREAS the Secretary General of the League of Nations has certified by a proces-verbal dated February 24, 1937, drawn up in Ante, p. 1323. conformity with Article 11 of the said Protocol, that ratifications of or accessions to the said Protocol had been deposited with the Secre- tariat of the League of Nations by ten signatory or acceding Govern- ments, as follows: [Translationby the Secretariatof the League of Nations.] 1 The Netherlands: 1. Exclude from acceptance Article 3; 2. Do not intend to assume any obligation as regards Netherlands Indies, Surinam and Curacao. 2 Subject to ratification by his Majesty the King of Sweden with the approval of the Riksdag. 1328 TREATIES