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TREATIES Abandonment, etc., of minor children. Bribery. Bankruptcy law violations. Narcotics traffic. Use of mails for fraudulent purposes. Accessories, etc. Application of laws with respect to desig- nated crimes, etc. Not applicable to political, etc., c rimes. Murder, etc., of head of State, etc.,not a political crime. Trial limited to of- fense for which sur- rendered. 22. Wilful abandonment or wilful non-support of minor children or those unable to support themselves. 23. Bribery. 24. Crimes or offenses against the bankruptcy laws. 25. Crimes or offenses against the laws for suppression of the narcotics traffic. 26. Use of the mails for fraudulent purposes. 27. Extradition shall also take place for participation in any of the crimes or offenses beforementioned, before or after the commission thereof, or for an attempt to commit one of the beforementioned crimes or offenses. With respect to the above-enumerated crimes and offenses it is agreed that when one of those crimes or offenses is not designated as such in the laws of one of the States, nevertheless the extradition shall take place when such crime or offense includes as an essential element an act which is designated as punishable, by the laws of the State in whose territory the fugitive is found. ArIcCI III. The provisions of this Treaty shall not import a claim for extradi- tion for a crime or offense of a political character nor for acts con- nected with such crimes or offenses and no person surrendered under this Treaty by or to one of the High Contracting Parties shall be brought to trial or punished on account of a political crime or offense committed before his extradition. The State to which the applica- tion is made or its courts, shall decide whether the act is of a political character. When the punishable act charged includes an accom- plished or attempted murder, assassination, or poisoning, the fact that the act was accomplished or attempted against the life of the ruler or the supreme head of one of the High Contracting Parties or against the ruler or the supreme head of a foreign State or against the life of a member of the family of either of them shall not be deemed sufficient to sustain that the crime or offense was of a political character, or was an act connected with crimes or offenses of a political character. AmTICL IV. No person shall be tried for any crime or offense committed before his extradition other than that for which he was surrendered, unless he shall have been allowed one month to leave the country after having been tried, or one month in case of conviction after having paid the penalty or having been set at liberty. AJrICUE V. Timelimitation. An accused person shall not be extradited, under the provisions of this Treaty, when, from lapse of time or other lawful cause under the laws of the State asking extradition, he is exempt from prosecu- tion or punishment on account of the punishable act for which extra- dition is asked. 1342