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MULTILATERAL-NAVAL ARMAMENT -MARCH 25, 1936 (7) Small Craft are naval surface vessels the standard displacement of which does not exceed 100 tons (102 metric tons). C.-Over Age. Vessels of the following categories and sub-categories shall deemed to be "over-age" when the undermentioned number years have elapsed since completion:- (a) Capital ships .. .. .. .. .. 26 years. (b) Aircraft-carriers .. .. .. .. 20 years. (c) Light surface vessels, sub-categories (a) and (b): (i) if laid down before 1st January, 1920 .. 16 years. (ii) if laid down after 31st December, 1919 20 years. be of (d) Light surface vessels, sub-category (c) (e) Submarines ... D. - Month. The word "month" in the present Treaty with period of time denotes the month of thirty days. 16 years. 13 years. reference to a Part II LIMITATION Article 2 After the date of the coming into force of the present Treaty, no L' ml tation. vessel exceeding the limitations as to displacement or armament prescribed by this Part of the present Treaty shall be acquired by any High Contracting Party or constructed by, for or within the jurisdiction of any High Contracting Party. Article S No vessel which at the date of the coming into force of the present Treaty carries guns with a calibre exceeding the limits prescribed by this Part of the present Treaty shall, if reconstructed or modernised, be rearmed with guns of a greater calibre than those previously carried by her. Article 4 (1) No capital ship shall exceed 35,000 tons (35,560 metric tons) standard displacement. (2) No capital ship shall carry a gun with a calibre exceeding 14 in. (356 mm.); provided however that if any of the Parties to the Treaty for the Limitation of Naval Armament signed at Washington on the 6th February, 1922, should fail to enter into an agreement to conform to this provision prior to the date of the coming into force Oun calibre restric- tions. Capital ships, dis- placement. Gun calibre. Provisions, if failing agreement. 43 Stat. 1655 . Small craft. "Over age". "Month". Part II. 1371