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MULTILATERAL-NAVAL ARMAMENT-MARCH 25, 1936 In faith whereof the above-named Plenipotentiaries have signed the Signature present Treaty and have affixed thereto their seals. Done in London the 25th day of March, nineteen hundred and thirty-six. [SEAL] NORMAN H. DAVIS [SEAL] WILLIAM H. STANDLEY [SEAL] CHARLES CORBIN [SEAL] ROBERT G. [SEAL] ANTHONY EDEN [SEAL] MONSELL [SEAL] STANHOPE [SEAL] VINCENT MASSEY [SEAL] S. M. BRUCE [SEAL] C. J. PARR [SEAL] R. A. BUTLER PROTOCOL OF SIGNATURE. At the moment of signing the Treaty bearing this day's date, the undersigned, duly authorised to that effect by their respective Govern- ments, have agreed as follows:- 1. If, before the coming into force of the above-mentioned Treaty, the naval construction of any Power, or any change of circumstances, should appear likely to render undesirable the coming into force of the Treaty in its present form, the Powers on behalf of which the Treaty has been signed will consult as to whether it is desirable to modify any of its terms to meet the situation thus presented. 2. In the event of the Treaty not coming into force on the 1st January, 1937, the above-mentioned Powers will, as a tem- porary measure, promptly communicate to one another, after the laying down, acquisition or completion of any vessels in the categories or sub-categories mentioned in Article 12 (a) of the Treaty, the information detailed below concerning all such vessels laid down between the 1st January, 1937 and the date of the coming into force of the Treaty, provided, however, that this obligation shall not continue after 1st July, 1937:- Name or designation; Classification of the vessel; Standard displacement in tons and metric tons; Principal dimensions at standard displacement, namely length at waterline and extreme beam at or below waterline; Mean draught at standard displacement; Calibre of the largest gun. 3. The present Protocol, of which the French and English texts shall both be equally authentic, shall come into force on this day's date. It shall be deposited in the archives of His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which will transmit certified copies thereof to the Governments of the countries for which the Treaty for the Limitation and Reduction of Naval Armament was signed in London on the 22nd April, 1930. Protocol of signa- ture. Effective date of Protocol. 1395