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ADec. 18 1193 GIBRALTAR-PARCEL POST AGREEMENT--j a - 1937 . a.5,193T and also, in the case of insured parcels, the insurance fees and the fees for return receipts, that may from time to time be prescribed by its regulations. 2. Except in the case of returned or redirected parcels, prepay- Prepayment. ment of the postage and such of the fees mentioned m the preceding section as are applicable, is compulsory. ARTICLE IV. Preparationof Parcels. Every parcel shall be packed in a manner adequate for the length of the journey and the protection of the contents as set forth in the Regulations of Execution. ARTICLE V. Prohibitions. 1. The following articles are prohibited transmission by parcel post: (a) Articles which, from their nature or by their packing, may expose postal officials to danger, or soil or damage other parcels; (b) Opium, morphine, cocaine and other narcotics; (c) Any article the admission of which is forbidden by the Cus- toms or other laws or regulations in force in either country; (d) A letter or any document which constitutes an actual and personal correspondence. Nevertheless, it is permitted to enclose in a parcel an open invoice confined to the particulars which constitute an invoice, and also a simple copy of the address of the parcel, with mention of the address of the sender; (e) Obscene or immoral articles; (f) An enclosure which bears an address different from that placed on the cover of the parcel; (g) Explosive, inflammable, or dangerous substances; (h) Any live animal, except leeches; (i) Coin, bank notes, currency notes or any kind of securities pay- able to bearer, platinum, gold or silver, whether manufactured or un- manufactured, precious stones, jewels or other precious articles in uninsured parcels. 2. When a parcel contravening any of these prohibitions is handed over by one Administration to the other, the latter shall proceed in accordance with its laws and inland regulations. Explosive or in- flammable articles, as well as documents, pictures and other articles injurious to public morals may be destroyed on the spot by the Administration which has found them in the mails. The fact that a parcel contains a letter, or a communication having the nature of a letter, may not, in any case, entail the return of the parcel to the sender. The letter is, however, marked for collection of postage due from the addressee at the regular rate. The two Administrations advise each other, by means of the List of Prohibited Articles published by the International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union, of all prohibited articles. However, they do not assume, on that account, any responsibility towards the cus- toms or police authorities, or the sender. 3. If parcels wrongly admitted to the post are neither returned to origin nor delivered to the addressee, the Administration of origin must be informed in a precise manner of the treatment accorded to the parcels. Preparation of par- cels. Packing. Post, p. 1498. Prohibitions. Articles specified. Dangerous articles. Narcotics. Nonadmissible ar- ticles. Letters, etc. Obscene, etc., ar- ticles. With different ad- dress. Explosives. Live animals. Coin, etc. Action to be taken. Parcel containing a letter. List of Prohibited Articles. Parcels wrongly ad- mitted. 1489