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1494 Recall and change of address. Certificate of mail- lna INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES ARTICLE XIX. Recall and Change of Address. So long as a parcel has not been delivered to the addressee, the sender may recall it or cause its address to be changed. The Postal Administration of the country of origin may collect and retain for this service, the charge fixed by its regulations. The requests for recall or change of address of parcels to be delivered in the United States of America shall be addressed to the Central Administration at Washington; those relating to parcels for delivery in Gibraltar shall be addressed to the Colonial Postmaster, Gibraltar. ARBTicE XX. Certificate of Mailing. Receipts. Furnished sender, The sender will, on request at the time of mailing an ordinary n request. (uninsured) parcel, receive a certificate of mailing from the post office where the parcel is mailed, on a form provided for the purpose; and each country may fix a reasonable fee therefor. Insured parcels. The sender of an insured parcel receives without charge, at the time of posting, a receipt for his parcel. ARTCLE XXI. Return receipts and Return Receipts and Inquiries. inquiries. Advice of delivery. 1 . The sender of an insured parcel may obtain an advice of de- livery upon payment of such additional charges, if any, as the country of origin of the parcel shall stipulate and under the condi- tions laid down in the Regulations. Request for infor- 2. A fee may be charged, at the option of the country of origin, ation on a request for information as to the disposal of an ordinary parcel and also for an insured parcel made after it has been posted if the sender has not already paid the special fee to obtain an adivce of delivery. rregularties. 3. A fee may also be charged, at the option of the country of origin, in connection with any complaint of any irregularity which prima facie was not due to the fault of the Postal Service. ARTICLE XXII. Missent Parcels. Provisions concern- Ordinary parcels, when missent, are reforwarded to their correct g orary . destination by the most direct route at the disposal of the reforward- ing Administration. They must not be charged with customs or suredprce other charges by that Administration. Insured parcels, when mis- sent, may not be reforwarded to their destination except as insured mail. If this is impossible, they must be returned to origin. Refunding, i par- When the reforwarding involves the return of the parcel to the celreturned. office of origin, the retransmitting Administration refunds to that office the credits received and reports the error by a Bulletin of Verification. Reforwarding to a When the reforwarding involves the dispatch of a parcel to a third countr. third country and if the amount credited to the retransmitting Ad- ministration is insufficient to cover the expenses of retransmission which it has to defray, the retransmitting Administration allows to the Administration to which it forwards the parcel the credits due it; it then recovers the amount of the deficiency by claiming it from the office of exchange from which the missent parcel was directly received. The reason for this claim is notified to the latter by means of a Bulletin of Verification. 8o0 In origial. Missent parcels. a.