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1496 Abandoned parcels. Provisions appli- cable. Charges. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES If, for any reason, sale is impossible, the deteriorated or corrupted articles are destroyed. The sale or destruction gives rise to the making of a report which is sent to the Administration of origin. 5. Undeliverable parcels which the sender has abandoned may, at the expiration of a 30-day period, be sold for the profit of the Administration of the country of destination. However, in the case of an insured parcel, a report is made up, which must be sent to the Administration of the country of origin. Likewise, the Admin- istration of the country of origin must be advised when an insured parcel which is undeliverable is not returned to origin. 6. The provisions of Article XXV, Section 2, shall be applied to a parcel which is returned in consequence of non-delivery. ARTICLE XXV. Charges. Credits. 1. For each parcel exchanged between the contracting countries, the dispatching Office credits to the Office of destination in the parcel bills the quotas due to the latter, and indicated in the Regulations of Execution. edispatching. 2. In case of reforwarding or return to origin of a parcel, if new postage and new insurance fees (in the case of insured parcels) are collected by the redispatching office, the parcel is treated as if it had originated in that country. Otherwise, the redispatching office re- covers from the other office the quota due to it, namely, as the case may be: (a) the charges prescribed by Section 1 above; Ante, p. 1493. (b) the delivery, customs clearance and storage charges provided for by Articles XIV, XV and XVI; (c) the charges for reforwarding or return. In case of reforwarding or return to a third country, the accrued charges, that is, such of the charges mentioned in (a), (b), and (c) above as are applicable, shall follow the parcel, but in the case that the third country concerned refuses to assume the charges because they cannot be collected from the addressee or sender, as the case may be, or for any other reason, they shall be charged back to the country of origin. In case of a parcel returned or reforwarded in transit through one of the two Administrations to or from the other, the intermediary Administration may claim also the sum due to it for any additional territorial or sea service provided, together with any amounts due to any other Administration or Administrations concerned. ARTICLE XXVI. harges other than Postal Charges other than those Prescribednot to be Collected. those prescribed. Restriction on co;- lection. Air parcels. Surtax, etc The parcels to which this Agreement applies shall not be subject to any postal charges other than those contemplated by the different articles hereof. ARTICLE XXVII. Air Parcels. The Chiefs of the Postal Administrations of the two contracting countries have the right to fix by mutual consent the air surtax and other conditions in the case where the parcels are conveyed by the air routes.