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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES Schedule II-Con- tinued. SCHEDULE II-Continued United States Tariff Act of 1930 Paragraph Articles 77 83 84 353 601 710 719 (4) Herring, pickled or salted (except herring packed in oil or in oil and other sub- stances), whether or not boned, in imme- diate containers weighing with their contents more than fifteen pounds each and containing each not more than ten pounds of herring, net weight 722 Pearl barley 727 Broken rice, which will pass readily through a metal sieve perforated with round holes five and one-half sixty-fourths of one inch in diameter 753 Tulip bulbs Narcissus bulbs Crocus corms All other bulbs, roots, rootstocks, clumps, corms, tubers, and herbaceous perennials, imported for horticultural purposes and not specially provided for . 754 Seedlings and cuttings of Manetti, multi- flora, brier, rugosa, and other rose stock, all the foregoing not more than three years old Lithopone, and other combinations or mix- tures of zinc sulphide and barium sul- phate containing by weight less than 30 per centum of zinc sulphide Potato starch Dextrine, made from potato starch or po- tato flour Electrical X-ray apparatus, instruments (other than laboratory), and devices, and parts thereof; any of the foregoing, finished or unfinished, wholly or in chief value of metal, and not specially pro- vided for Wrapper tobacco, and filler tobacco when mixed or packed with more than 35 per centum of wrapper tobacco, entered for consumption or withdrawn from ware- house for consumption: Not later than June 30, 1936 If unstemmed If stemmed After June 30, 1936 If unstemmed If stemmed Edam and Gouda cheese %t per lb. , net weight 1i per lb. X6* per lb. $3 per thousand $6 per thousand $1 per thousand 15% ad val. $1 per thousand Rate of Duty 1 per lb. lf4 per lb. 254 per lb. 17%%ad val. $1.875 per lb. $2.525 per lb. $1.50 per lb. $2.15 per lb. 5¢ per lb., but not less than 25 % ad val. 1544 I -