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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES Schedule II-Con- tinued. SCHEDULE II-Continued United States Tariff Act of 1930 Paragraph Articles 1005 (b) Cords and twines (whether or not composed of three or more strands, each strand composed of two or more yarns), tarred or untarred, single or plied, wholly or in chief value of manila (abaca), sisal, henequen, or other hard fiber 1012 Pile fabrics, whether or not the pile covers the entire surface, wholly or in chief value of vegetable fiber, except cotton, and all articles, finished or unfinished, made or cut from such pile fabrics; if the pile is partly cut 1407 (a) Bristol board of the kinds made on a Four- drinier or a multicylinder machine, weighing eight pounds or over per ream and valued at not above 15 cents per pound 1409 Strawboard and straw paper, including such as is known as wrapping paper; any of the foregoing less than twelve one thousandths but not less than eight one thousandths of one inch in thickness, not specially provided for 1504 (b) (5) Hats provided for in paragraph 1504, if known as harvest hats and valued at less than $3 per dozen Tobacco pipes having clay bowls (not including meerschaum) and mouthpieces of material other than clay Aloes, which are natural and uncom- pounded and are in a crude state, not advanced in value or condition by shredding, grinding, chipping, crushing, or any other process or treatment what- ever beyond that essential to proper packing and the prevention of decay or deterioration pending manufacture, not containing alcohol Gambier, and extracts thereof, not con- taining alcohol Barks, cinchona or other, from which quinine may be extracted Moleskins, undressed Kapok, not dressed or manufactured in any manner Sisal, not dressed or manufactured in any manner 20% ad val. 30% ad val. 20 per lb. and 10% ad val. 15% ad val. 123% ad val. 2%o each and 30% ad val. Free Free Free Free Free Free 1548 Rate of Duty 1552 1602 1609 1619 1681 1684 1684