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1550 INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES Schedule II-Con- SCHEDULE II-Continued tined. United States Tariff Act of 1930 Articles Rate of Duty Paragraph 1685 Ammonium sulphate of a grade used chiefly for fertilizers, or chiefly as an ingredient in the manufacture of ferti- lizers Free 1686 Copal Free 1697 Crude gutta percha and gutta siak Free 1731 Distilled or essential caraway oil, not con- taining alcohol Free 1731 Distilled or essential citronella oil, not containing alcohol Free 1732 Expressed or extracted palm oil Free Note: No federal internal tax in excess of the rate of 30 per lb. now provided for in sec. 602% of the Revenue Act of 1934 shall be imposed in the United States in respect of palm oil the product of the Netherlands or any of its overseas territories. 1748 Quinine sulphate and all alkaloids and salts of alkaloids derived from cinchona bark Free 1753 Sago, crude, and sago flour Free 1765 Reptile skins, raw Free 1768 (1) Cassia, cassia buds, and cassia vera; if unground Free 1768 (1) Mace, if unground Free 1768 (1) Nutmegs, if unground Free 1768 (1) Black or white pepper, if unground Free 1768 (2) Caraway seeds Free 1781 Tapioca tapioca flour, and cassava Free 1806 Sticks of rattan in the rough, or not further advanced than cut into lengths suitable for sticks for umbrellas, parasols, sun- shades, whips, fishing rods, or walking canes Free