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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES Schedule I-Con- tinued. Salvadoran Tariff Item Number Ex214-1-04 -001 Ex214-1-10 -001 Ex214-1 -09-001 Ex214-1-03-001 214-2 -03 -001 331-1 -02 -001 331-1 -03-001 441-1 -01 -001 441-1 -02 -001 441-1 -03 -001 441-1 -04-001 471-1 -03-002 471-1 -03-003 471-1 -03-004 471-1 -03-005 471-1 -04-001 494-1 -04-004 SCHEDULE I-Continued Description of Articles Canned vegetables: asparagus, peas, corn, tomatoes and tomato juice Canned fruit: peaches, pears, and salad or mixed fruits, in water or juice, with or without sugar, cooked or not Soda and other similar crackers, of wheat or not Sawed wood in pieces, including boards, planks and beams, planed or not, for any purpose Leather not specified, tanned by any process, dyed, dressed or polished, including calf skin Patent leather Chamois, leather prepared like cham- ois, deer or elk skin Tanned goatskin, morocco, and kid leather Rubber tires, not specified Rubber tires for automobiles (in- cluding passenger cars, trucks and busses) and airplanes Rubber tires for motorcycles and bicycles Inner tubes of any kind and for any purpose Rubber hose and heavy rubber tub- ing, plain, reinforced with canvas or metal, with or without metallic accessories Phonograph records Maximum Rates of Duty in U. S . Dollars 100 G. K. 6. 00 100 G. K. 7. 50 100 G. .. 80 MBd.Ft. 6.00 100 G. K. 100 G. K. 100 G. K. 100 G. K. 100 G. K. 100 G. K; 100 G. K. 100 G. K. 35. 00 35. 00 35. 00 35. 00 10. 40 10. 40 10. 40 10. 40 100G.K. 10.40 100G.K. 18.60 NOTE: Pharmaceutical specialties or patent medicines produced in the United States of America shall be accompanied, on their importation into the Republic of El Salvador, by a sanitary certificate, duly authenticated by a Salvadoran Consul, issued by a Chamber of Commerce or some similar agency, or by a Board of Health or some similar organization, of the state or city in the United States of America in which the manufacturer maintains his commercial domicile. SCHEDULE II United States Tariff Act of Maximum rates of duty. 1930 Specific rate In Paragraph Description of Articles United States dollars NOTE: The provisions of this Schedule shall be construed and given the same effect, and the application of collateral provisions of the tariff laws of the United States to the provisions of this Schedule shall be determined, insofar as may be practicable, as if each provision of this Schedule appeared respectively in the paragraph of the Tariff Act of 1930 noted in the column at the left of the respec- tive descriptions of articles 10 Balsam, Peru, natural and uncompounded, and not containing alcohol 5 % ad valorem 716 Honey 0.02 per pound 752 Guavas prepared or preserved, and not specially provided for 17Y % ad valorem 752 Mango pastes and pulps, and guava pastes and pulps 28% ad valorem 1653 Cocoa or cacao beans, and shells thereof Free 1654 Coffee, except coffee imported into Puerto Rico and upon which a duty is imposed under the authority of Section 319 Free 1738 Tortoise shell, not sawed, cut, flaked, polished, or otherwise manufactured, or advanced in value from the natural state Free 1765 Deerskins, raw Free 1765 Reptile skins, raw Free 1572 Schedule II.