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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES Import licenses, etc. 2. Neither the United States of America nor the Republic of Costa Rica shall regulate the total quan- tity of importations into its terri- tory or sales therein of any article in which the other country has an interest by import licenses or permits issued to individuals or organizations, unless the total quantity of such article permitted to be imported or sold during a quota period of not less than three months shall have been estab- lished, and unless the regulations covering the issuance of such licenses or permits shall have been made public before such regula- tions are put into force. ARTICLE VIII ARTfCULO VIII Control of foreign exchange. In the event that the Govern- ment of the United States of America or the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica estab- lishes or maintains an official monopoly or centralized agency for the importation of or trade in a particular commodity, the Gov- ernment establishing or maintain- ing such monopoly or centralized agency will give sympathetic con- sideration to all representations that the other Government may make with respect to alleged dis- criminations against its commerce in connection with purchases by such monopoly or centralized agency. ARTICLE IX The tariff advantages and other benefits provided for in this Agree- ment are granted by the United States of America and the Repub- lic of Costa Rica to each other subject to the condition that if the Government of either country shall establish or maintain, di- rectly or indirectly, any form of control of foreign exchange, it shall administer such control so as to insure that the nationals and commerce of the other country will be granted a fair and equita- ble share in the allotment of exchange. En caso de que el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos de America o el Gobierno de la Repiblica de Costa Rica, establezca o man- tenga monopolio oficial o agencia centralizada para la importaci6n o venta de determinado articulo, el Gobierno que establezca o mantenga tal monopolio o agencia centralizada, considerarh amisto- samente las representaciones que hara el otro Gobierno con respecto a las parcialidades alegadas contra su comercio en conexi6n con compras por tal monopolio o agencia centralizada. ARTfCULO IX Los Estados Unidos de America y la Repdblica de Costa Rica se conceden mutuamente las ventajas de tarifa y demas beneficios esti- pulados en este Convenio sujetos a la condici6n de que si el Gobierno de uno u otro pals, directa o indi- rectamente, estableciere o mantu- viere alguna forma de control, sobre el cambio extranjero, ad- ministrara tal control en forma que asegure a nacionales y comer- cio del otro pais garantia de justa y equitativa parte en las asigna- ciones del cambio. 2. Ni los Estados Unidos de America ni la Repdblica de Costa Rica regularan por licencias o permisos de importaci6n a favor de individuos u organizaciones, la cantidad total de importaciones a su territorio o ventas en 1ede ningdn articulo que interese al otro pals, a menos que haya sido establecida la cantidad total del articulo objeto del permiso de importaci6n o venta durante un perlodo de cuota no menor de tres meses, y a menos que los regla- mentos sobre expedici6n de tales licencias o permisos se hubieren publicado antes de su entrada en vigor. Treatment of Gov- ernment monopolies. 1588