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1605 PERU-EXCHANGE OF PUBLICATIONS-OCTOBER 16, 20 , 1936 9. This agreement is not concerned with the already existing ex- change agreements between the various government departments, etc., of the two countries. Upon receipt of Your Excellency's note, identical in tenor to the present communication, my Government will consider that the fore- going agreement enters into effect. I avail myself of this opportunity to reiterate, Mr. Charg6 d'Af- faires, the assurance of my distinguished consideration. ALBERTO ULLOA The Honorable Louis G. DREYFUS, Charge d'Affaires of the United States, Lima. LIST OF PERUVIAN OFFICIAL PUBLICATIONS WHICH ARE TO BE FUR- NISHED TO THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS AT WASHINGTON IN ACCORD- ANCE WITH THE AGREEMENT ON EXCHANGE OF PUBLICATIONS BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENTS OF PERU AND OF THE UNITED STATES' Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Report (Memoria) of the Minister; Official Bulletin of the Department; Treaties, Conventions, and Agreements in Force Between Peru and Other States; Supplements to the Treaties; Economic, Commercial and Financial Reports of Peru; Review of Current Events in Peru. Ministry of Gobierno and Police: Annual Publication of Peruvian Legislation; Political Constitution of Peru (the one in force); Report of the Minister. Ministry of Hacienda and Commerce: General Budget of the Republic; General Accounts of the Republic; Annual Publication on the Foreign Commerce of Peru; Quarterly Resume of the Special Commerce of Peru; Monthly Bulletin of the Special Commerce of Peru; Bulletin of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru; Report of the Office of the General Superintendent of Banks; Report of the Minister; Customs Bulletin. Ministry of Fomento and Industries: Report of the Minister; Bulletin of the General Bureau of Fomento; Bulletin of the Office of Agriculture; Pamphlets for Purposes of Popularization, of the Section En- titled "Agricultural Propaganda"; Bulletin of the Irrigation Section; Bulletin of the General Office of Public Works; Bulletin of the Corps of Mining Engineers; Bulletin of the Office of Mines and Petroleum; Bulletin of the Vocational School. This list was transmitted to the American Embassy by the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs with a note dated Feb. 17, 1937.