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1609 PERU-EXCHANGE OF PUBLICATIONS-OCTOBER 16, 20, 1936 6. Department of War and the following subordinate offices a. Office of the Adjutant General b. Office of the Judge Advocate General c. Office of the Surgeon General d. Office of the Chief of Engineers e. Office of the Chief Signal Officer f. Bureau of Insular Affairs g. Office of the Chief of the Air Corps . National Guard Bureau i. Office of the Chief of the Chemical Warfare Service j. Army War College k. Military Academy: West Point. 6. Department of Justice and the following subordinate offices a. Federal Bureau of Investigation b. Bureau of Prisons 7. Post Office Department 8. Department of the Navy, and the following subordinate offices a. Office of Naval Operations b. Bureau of Navigation, including Hydrographic Office and Naval Observatory c. Bureau of Medicine and Surgery d. Bureau of Engineering e. Bureau of Aeronautics f. Marine Corps g. Naval Academy, Annapolis h. Naval War College 9. Department of the Interior, and the following subordinate offices. a. General land office b. Bureau of Indian Affairs c. Office of Education d. Geological Survey e. Bureau of Reclamation f. Bureau of Mines .National Park Service .Board on Geographic Names. 10. Department of Agriculture, and the following subordinate offices: a. Office of Experiment Stations b. Bureau of Biological Survey c. Bureau of Chemistry and Soils d. Forest Service e. Bureau of Public Roads f. Soil Conservation Service g. Weather Bureau 11. Department of Commerce, and the following subordinate offices: a. Bureau of Air Commerce b. Bureau of census c. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce d. National Bureau of Standards e. National Bureau of Fisheries f. Bureau of Lighthouses g. Coast and Geodetic Survey . Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation i. Patent office (Drawings and specifications of patents are not available on international exchange) j. Shipping Board Bureau 125151°-37-PT - 44