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PROCLAMATIONS, 1936 of the William E. Hays survey, Abstract No. 501, William McLain Goodwin survey, Abstract No. 433, and William H. Hays survey, Abstract No. 512, northerly 234.60 chains to the second corner of the said William H. Hays survey; thence with the north line of the William H. Hays survey east 40.00 chains to the third corner thereof; thence with the west line of the George W. Julien survey, Abstract No. 640, north 8.75 chains to the south line of the R. R. Russell survey, Abstract No. 76; thence with the south line of the R. R . Russell survey easterly 113.00 chains to a point south of corner 10 of Tract Kin; thence within the said R. R. Russell survey north 14 chains to corner 10 of said Tract Kin; thence with three (3) lines of Tract Kin, passing corners 11 and 12, 84.90 chains to corner 13 of said tract in the east line of the R. R. Russell survey; thence with the east line of the R. R . Russel' survey northerly 54.00 chains to the beginning corner of the Francis B. Conner survey, Abstract No. 24; thence with the Francis B. Conner survey N. 60°00' E 285.00 chains to the second corner thereof; thence N. 37015' W 172.00 chains to the begin- ning corner of the James Patton survey, Abstract No. 808; thence with the southeast line of the James Patton survey S. 60000' W 105.00 chains to corner 16 of Tract Klb-V; thence with eighteen (18) lines of Tracts Klb-V and Klb-XIV, passing corners 17 to 28 inclusive of Tract Klb-V, corner 2 of Tract Klb-XIV and corners 29 to 32 of Tract Klb-V, 582.13 chains to corner 33 of Tract Klb-V; thence N. 45°00' W 21.50 chains to State Highway No. 21; thence with said highway southwesterly 200.00 chains to the northeast line of the Jacob Masters, Jr. survey, Abstract No. 55; thence with the northeast line of said Jacob Masters, Jr. survey N. 45000 W 108.00 chains to the north corner of said survey on the southeast line of the Elizabeth Norrod survey, Abstract No. 794; thence with two (2) lines of said Elizabeth Norrod survey S. 4500' W 20.00 chains, N. 45°00' W 40.00 chains to corner 37 of Tract Klb-VI; thence passing corner 4 of Tract Klb-XIII S. 45°00' W 39.00 chains to corner 40 of Tract Klb-VI; thence with eleven (11) lines of Tract Klb-VI, passing corners 41 to 43 inclusive, and 1 to 7 inclusive, 206.55 chains to corner 8 of said tract; thence with two (2) lines of the James Saunders survey, Abstract No. 907, N. 4000' W 56.40 chains, North 58.50 chains to the beginning corner thereof; thence with a west line of the Jacob Veittle survey, Abstract No. 1056, north 15.10 chains to the beginning corner of said survey on the south boundary of the Marselino Salas survey, Abstract No. 77; thence north 62.00 chains to San Pedro Creek; thence down and with San Pedro Creek 1090.00 chains to confluence with the Neches River; thence down and with the right bank of the Neches River 5985.00 chains to the point of beginning. The area described above is graphically shown on the diagram attached hereto and made a part hereof. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. DONE at the City of Washington, this 13" day of October, in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and thirty-six and of [SEAL] the Independence of the United States of America the one hundred and sixty-first. FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT By the President: CORDELL HULL Secretary of State. 18o in original. 1786